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Tips and Tricks for New Players

Focus on synergies over individual strength. Bad heros can sometimes be amazing when paired with the right items/heros.

An example would be Knight + Ninja.

Think about t3 upgrade offers. Sometimes your t2 hero is worth more than the t3 you’re offered. Common contenders for this are Spellblade, Trapper, Scrapper, Herbalist, Fey, or sometimes even Glacia.

Try to focus on consistency. Having 1 buffed side won’t win you the fight if you don’t roll it. This is why Sparky/Gambler are bad, even though they both have 1 amazing side.

Also try to synergies your curses and items/heros.

Medic, for example, is a rather bad hero. However, if you have hero poisoned, or heavy HP curses, that might just be the pick as fights drag on longer than usual.

The same applies for quick fights. Try to end fights asap if you have sandstorm/doom, etc

Also, and this is especially important for streaking: Find an answer against Bramble and Hexia.

You need to be able to kill Bramble or else you insta-lose.

This might be picking an unfavorable hero if it wins you the Bramble fight. (Get rid of Student asap)

And for Hexia, you need to be able to outheal/tank her, or be able to burst her down REALLY quickly (for example Warlock, Vulnerable).

Tip for customs, put things inside (thing) so it doesnt bug.

If you reroll your curses you also reroll your team. You cannot see the same heroes twice so rerolling a really bad team is guaranteed to find a better one.

Never pick Slow Spells or Death Shields in C/Blursed. (It’s also why people will often say to not take a random T1 curse as those two curses, while T1, tend to be game enders and punch far above their tier wieght class would suggest).

If you roll a shield mana gain side with 5+ pips you can freely use inspire on it to use it again and get extra mana for free.

A really nice early game tip if you didn’t already know it. If you make it past the first layer without finding a good wand, swap your attack spell and your bomb spell. The designated bomb wand has a much better fire rate than the starter combat wand, and putting bomb on the old combat wand doesn’t make it any worse.

Quick Tips:

  • Don’t pass over “good enough” rolls. Yes, mage can roll 2 mana, but they can also roll a blank. Sometimes, depending on the stakes of the situation, you just have to keep the 1 mana.
  • Always keep in mind that killing (or stunning etc) things prevents damage being dealt to you. Consider this in rolling and in acting. If your attacks are going to prevent an enemy from dealing damage, you don’t also have to protect against the damage they were going to do. Either kill/stun the enemy or protect against its damage; never both.
  • The only hit point that matters is the last one. If your hero can take a bunch of damage in exchange for killing an enemy, that’s often worth it. Think of hp as a resource that you can spend.
  • It’s useful to have numeric values that you can compare. You can use the burst spell to establish a rough baseline of 1 damage = 1 mana = 1 shield. This means for example that if you have access to a spell that can deal more than 1 point of damage per point of mana spent on it, your 2 mana side is now actually worth more than 2 damage. Similarly, while AoE effects are not always the best thing (because you want to kill enemies rather than spreading damage around), a spell like balance can represent insane mana efficiency if you have a few damaged heroes and multiple enemies on the field (3 mana to deal like 5 damage and heal 3 is huge).

Tips for Speedrunning

The aggressive characters are obviously really good for speedrunning, so level 1 getting some combination of Splint/Lost/Ruffian/Cultist is really strong.

My level 2 tier list is something like:

Red Heroes

  • #1 – Herbalist: Having two 2-mana sides is really good, and Vine is super important for taking down Slates/Illusions/finishing off enemies. Vine is probably tied for the best tier-2 spell in speedrunning with Scald or Burn. Works really well with Trapper’s vulnerable side too.
  • #2 – Druid & Vampire: Both have 3 relevant sides (Druid has two 2-mana sides + a 2-damage side, Vampire has two 2-damage sides + a 2-mana side), Druid is slightly better because 2-mana is better than 2 damage and Balance is a much better spell.

Orange Heroes

Tier-2 Orange heroes are all pretty comparable except Dabbler who sucks. Trapper is probably the best because the vulnerability attack is good at taking down big enemies and the takedown-4 attack is really good at killing Slates, which slow you down a lot.

Yellow Heroes

  • #1 – Berserker: Aggro characters are just really strong, and you’re ideally finishing each battle on turn 1 or 2 so suiciding Berserker in early to finish the fight early is really important.
  • #2 – Probably Sinew just because the 4 damage is really important vs. Zombies/Ghosts/Bandits. The chain-cleave ability is also surprisingly good sometimes when you can get like Lucky Clover or any other item that boosts your left side. After Sinew all the yellow heroes are pretty comparable, except Collector who is ass. Soldier is pretty mediocre too.

Gray Heroes

You ideally want Knight, Armorer or Statue, prob in that order but Statue goes way up if you have any sort of strong item synergy (Big Hammer, Burning Blade, Glass Blade, etc.). I almost want to say Statue is the best because Gray tends to be your worst hero anyways and having 20 health makes your enemies flee more often (which is really important).

Blue Heroes

Blue is really stacked, Fiend, Caldera, Mycologist, Evoker are all really good for speed, Sparky is also good but slightly below the other 4 I think.

Other General Tips

  • Being able to tell when the enemies will flee is really important (and also makes Statue and Friendship Bracelet pretty good).
  • Generally speaking just dumping all your stats into damage is the best strategy, you want the fights to be over in as few turns as possible (obv). Avoid items that are good defensively.
  • Turn on fast enemy turns in the settings
  • Avoid heroes/items that increase your rerolls
  • All the potions suck except mana potion and the +2 potion (neither are great but will save you a couple seconds)

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