Smalland: Survive the Wilds – Beginners Guide

Guide for Newcomers

The First Steps

At the beginning you are in the home building, you will soon notice that the tube-like building leads you past owls and raw materials. Take your time and collect everything, you will need it soon. In the construction you will still meet NPCs who have quests for you and can craft armour. I would recommend ignoring this for now, you have other priorities to set.

Once you have followed the construction to the bottom you will meet your first end boss, the water. Avoid it, fairies can collect, craft, tame animals and much more, but during swimming lessons at the fairy school they either slept or got a sick note from mum. One step into the deep water and the spawn calls you.

Spawn Point

Whenever you enter your or a friend’s world, you will find that you always spawn in the home building. This will only change when you set up your first bed and bind yourself to it. From that moment on, every time you die or log in, your bed will be the spawn point.

Avoiding the Water at the Beginning – What Now?

Below the home tree there are many nice places to set up your first small hut. With the resources you have collected, you should first craft a cudgel to beat up the black ants, a building hammer for your home, a torch and an axe. You will use the torch often, so don’t forget to build it. The nights are dark and before you know it the first end boss will find you.

Now you have your first piece of equipment and some ants. Now build your first small hut out of leaves. It is absolutely enough to build 2×2 large (door, walls and roof) and you are already protected from storms. You can use the campfire to grill the ant heads. After that you can build a simple bed for your spawn point. Now you have completed the first important steps.

The Cold

When a storm is coming or night falls, the temperature will drop considerably. There are 3 ways to protect yourself from the cold, and no, logging out is not one of them, because the cold will still be there when you log back in.

  • Go home at night or during a storm. If you have built everything as described above you can ride out the storm or use the bed to sleep through the night.
  • Better food (There is food that increases your temperature, but you don’t have it at the beginning and I will describe it in a later point of the guide.
  • Your first armour (On the way down from the home tree you met Herne. He is the first NPC who can craft armour for you. This armour only needs fibers from you. The light armour does not offer good protection against hits, but it has quite solid protection against cold.

Now you are ready to go. Good luck!

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