Smalland: Survive the Wilds – How to Melee Combat

Melee Combat Strategy

The strategy that seems to work the best for me is face tanking them. I don’t block, I hardly ever dodge roll. Dodging uses up stamina you could be attacking with.

Use power attacks (right mouse button). When charging up the power attack, you can rotate in place with the mouse to aim the attack if the target is moving around. The increase in damage with power attacks is insane. You can do a power attack as soon as the stamina bar starts to recharge, even if it’s nearly empty. You don’t have to wait for any huge portion of stamina to recharge. Charge, boom, they’re dead.

Get higher quality weapons. The more damage you do, the quicker they die, and the less times they get to hit you. Once you get up to flint weapons, you will wreck stuff. Flint spear demolishes flying insects and the sawyer beetles (kills the beetles in 2 power hits). Flint spear and flint sword are the two first things you should make.

Sometimes you can just back up and they will miss you. Also great if you need a small break to use bandages or drink a healing potion.

Make a bow, and use it to initiate fights. You get a huge sneak attack bonus on unaware enemies. It’s usually double normal arrow damage. It’s a great opener.

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