SMITE 2 – Crit Athena Build Guide

Crit Athena: How to Play Guide


  • Buy 4 of the tier 1 crit items (7% each).
  • Build hydra.
  • Start upgrading the tier 1 crit items (deathbringer, wind demon blade, hastened katana, and the final crit item).
  • Last item can be a flex (world stone, polynomicon, and blink were my favorites).

How to Play?

Use your 1 to dash in, auto, 3, auto, taunt, auto. That’s your burst.

Use 2 to taunt, auto, 3, auto. Thats your poke. Save 1 for escape or follow up.

Use 3 in between combat to have an auto ready before using abilities.

Its all focused around using your abilities to get your passive for those empowered autos.


  1. You’re squishy.
  2. The real damage comes later.
  3. Play her more like an assassin, aim for squishies and picks in the jungle.
  4. Laning is doable, but jungle felt best.
  5. Early is a bit RNG since it relies heavily on getting that crit on your empowered autos.

Note: I know this guide is after the alpha test, but I’m excited to try it again when it comes back. I’ve been playing Athena for YEARS and this build was the most fun I’ve had since first playing her.

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