Star Traders: Frontiers – Tips to Evade Craft

How to Evade Craft Especially Bomber

Briefly, nothing else adds to Craft Evade%, only components and talents.

Craft Evade% ignores all stats.

You can:

  • A. Max your ship’s Craft Hit% and Damage vs. Craft, and shoot them down first.
  • B. Max your ship’s Craft Evade%, and/or stack talents on top of that.
  • C. Let the first 3-4 bombers attack you, win before they launch on a 2nd flight profile.
  • D. Kill the enemy carrier dead in round 2, before its bombers make their bomb run.

#B and #C are fairly easy to attain. Use C-Taks and similar for #B.

Railguns are the usual way to do #A and #D, because of their high Hit% and damage.

Small craft are actually quite tough, and can soak a lot of damage before they die.

Missiles can also do #D, but they’re terrible at #A, so you must win fast.

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