Star Trek Fleet Command – The Quest for Power (G6) Guide

The Quest for Power (G6)

To survive the unknown perils of the Universe, Commanders will need a power boost, so we are introducing 10 new Ops Levels (the new maximum will be level 70) and also expanding Station Modules.

  • Grade 6 (G6) will come with its own set of grade-specific resources,- sigma resources (Σ-Parsteel, Σ-Tritanium and Σ-Dilithium), that will be available to obtain from generators (level 61 onwards), refined from their raw version (players can only mine these resources with G6 survey ships) and station raiding from level 61 onwards. Commanders will be able to switch between the normal and sigma resource quantities from a useful filter view that will be included with the game update.

There will be options for converting Σ resources to basic resources (and vice-versa).

Station Raiding: in order to raid Σ resources, base resources must be depleted first

  • Improved daily goals, with better rewards and a new type – Hazard Daily goals.
  • TNG fan favorites Picard (Epic) and Data (Rare) will join the fray and pave the way to the new G6 reality, providing innovative ways to crew and make the most of PvE ships.
  • 275+ additional Missions, 120 new Systems and 68 extra Combat Tree Research Nodes. There will be a section of the tree specifically available to players engaging with Hazard Daily Goals and events.
  • 6 new Faction Ranks that will match the new power boost, unlocking 13 powerful G6 Ships – players will be able to get Gold Refits from the Faction Store to further improve these Ships.

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