Star Valor – How to Farm Reputation

Best Way to Farm Reputation

Getting to Honoured Reputation with any Faction is always fairly straightforward, you just have to Perform Missions for those Factions you get at their Stations.

In the Past, the Station Missions would take Much Longer to reset or new ones to show up, now Missions reset at a fairly steady pace- You have a few options to “wait” and try to see if the Missions reset “faster” at Least to your perception of how much time they take to reset.

You can just wait around- But that can get boring- If you’re going for Proxima Mining Corp Reputation, there Should be 2-5 Asteroid Fields in that Sector- Do some Mining to just kill time and wait for more Missions to appear- You’ll also be making good Cash from Mining and Refining Ores which will also get you a good supply of Scrap and Refined Metal

Sometimes Leaving a Sector will “speed up” the Mission process- Even just popping through a Jump Gate and popping right back will sometimes incrementally do that- or actually choose a set of 3-4 Sectors close together, and rotate Missions for those Sectors- The Proxima Sector will reset Missions at a good pace, or at Least to your perception

Along those same Lines, try to find 2-3 Proxima Sectors all close to each other or 2-3 in a 5-6 Sector Cluster- More Proxima Sectors, More Proxima Mission resets

Also try not to hang out at a Proxima Sector with just a Single, Lone Station- Try to find Sectors with 2-3 Mining Stations in One Sector, or 2 Mining Stations with a 3rd Independent or Syndicate Station- All those Varieties are fairly Common to find, and you will bounce between Stations doing Missions at a pretty frequent rate

Also KEY with Multiple Stations in a Single Sector are the “Local Delivery Missions”- Those will reset at a fairly good pace, and the Endpoint Delivery isn’t what gives you the +Rep with a Faction, it’s from where you Started the Delivery- So focusing on making Deliveries from the Proxima Station to an Indie or Syndicate Station will speed up the Proxima +Rep -If you find a Sector with all 3 Stations as Proxima, then it’s 3X the rate of +Rep just from Local Deliveries, and also 3X the other Mission resets for all 3 Stations – The “Regional Delivery Missions” will actually get you Higher +Rep and also good Rewards usually, but they take much Longer to travel to, and the Local Deliveries will tend to reset and reward at a much faster rate

You also have the Very Easy “2 Crystal Trade In” Missions at Every Proxima Station- Yes it’s Repetitive and Boring, but it Works- Try to hold on to the Rarer Green Crystals, and even Red Crystals unless you have 30 or more- I Like to have Lots of Red Crystals to Craft Red and Purple Core Laser and Beam Weapons- But Blue Crystals you get Everywhere, and if you’re in a Proxima Sector, again there should be Asteroid Fields- Mine Extra Blue Crystals, and just Trade them In, over and over- It might be Boring all at once, but it will get your +Rep up faster than you think- Or just relieve the boredom by Mining, Trading in 4-10 Blue Crystals, Mine some more, Trade In, Repeat- You only need to go from 1000 to 3000 Rep to get Honoured, it shouldn’t take that Long

Just go Kill Pirates, LOTS of Pirates- Pretty Much any Red Skull you Kill will get you +Rep with both Proxima AND the Syndicate- The Bigger the Pirate Ship Killed the Better, so go back and forth to a Red Skull Controlled Sector and Rack up the Kills and +Faction Rep at a very rapid rate- The only possible Negative is if you are specifically trying for More PMC Rep over Syndicate Rep, or trying to get the “Mining” Background Perk over the “Trader” Background Perk- In that case make sure your PMC Rep is 200-400 Higher than Syndicate before you go Red Skull Hunting, or use “Extortion” to Target Syndicate Ships and keep them at a Lower Faction Rate than the PMC- Oddly, out of all the Factions, the PMC and Syndicate are Linked, so if you Extort a Merchant Ship it WILL Lower the Mining Rep too, but at a Lower Rate- In General every Extortion on a Merchant Ship will give -40 to Syndicate, AND -20 to PMC Rep, but do 5 Extortions and it’s -200 Syn Rep and -100 PMC Rep, and then you do Missions just for the PMC and you’ll see the Reputation Gap Widen between PMC and Syndicate – That’s All for IF you are trying for mainly Proxima Rep over Syndicate Rep- If you’re not, and it seems Like you mostly just want Proxima Honoured for a Ship Purchase Eligibility, or just going for the “White Collar” Background Perk, it doesn’t matter if “Trader” activates instead of “Miner” however, and shouldn’t affect any other Background Perk you are going for, as Outis, Trader, and Miner are all “Replaceable” Background Perks

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