Starbase – How to Reset Everything

How to Restart

Send a F1 request to the category “Other Ingame help -> Character profile data reset” and wait.

Alternatively, depending on what you want to achieve exactly, you can:

  • Restart the tutorial (ESC-> settings-> tutorial), if you want to just relearn the controls/get a new starter ship (starter ship is a reward for completing the repair section)
  • Clear out your inventory, either by selling or by repeatedly right clicking and selecting to delete all copies of item (you will have money left when doing it this way, but in the grand scheme wouldn’t hurt to have some)
  • Ships you can either decommission in storage (will delete it fully) or in world (will leave a claimable ship) via the ships menu (doesn’t have a hotkey, but you can go there via the social (O) or crafting (H) menu) with the decommission button in the top right or you can sell them at the red sunny ship shop in the center of an origin station
  • Go to the stations menu and resign from all (right click or via the resign button in the bottom right)
  • Go to the social menu and leave group and/or company and remove all friends

The only thing that won’t be reset when doing it manually (by yourself) will be your credits and the limit to how many starter ships you can claim by repeating the repair tutorial (if you are over, I’m sure you can get vouchers via the F1 system).

And the usual warnings:

  1. Easy Build mode is risky with ships, so careful when working with it.
  2. Starter ship’s generator button is set too high.
  3. Starter ship has reserve fuel rods in the back.
  4. Heat update has changed how generators, fuelchambers and radiators work in terms of heat generation, heat storage, heat transfer and heat dissipation.

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