Starfield – Dogfighting Tips

Space Combat Tips

  • Divert energy from grav to max all other systems
  • Use asteroids/debris as cover
  • Check weapon stats and upgrade them — some weapons have a dual purpose for eating thru shields and hull
  • Some ships are better at fighting than others, don’t 4v1 in a cargo-ship
  • Change “YAW” settings to “ROLL” for more precise control
  • Focus on enemy weapons when locked-on, especially in crowded fights
  • Having a full crew give skill support goes a LONG way in dogfights
  • Don’t be afraid to use the tiny ships that have a crew of 1-2, they’re fast, usually have 3 weapon slots and are good at dogfighting (poor cargo, armor, and jump usually)

Still unlocking all the pilot/flight skills but some of the found ship weapons are pretty OP.

Upgrading the starter ship helped me a lot. Better generator and another laser made the 3v1 situations tolerable. Upgraded shield helped as well. With maxed out laser I can shoot down the first ship pretty fast, and then survive the other two (other weapons involved once the shields are down). The power level set for the weapons affects the recharge rate, so juicing the lasers only helps if you’ve run out of power. Those 4v1 situations are still getting me, I can knock out the first guy, but by then my shields are toast and there’s not much recourse.

You want to keep guns on the enemy as much as possible. I’m not quite sure what speed makes for the best turns but, I think it’s referred to as the sweet spot in-game. Maybe at half throttle you turn faster. I personally have not noticed a difference but, I do have maneuvering thruster perk unlocked so that might help.

You always want to be closing distance when you are on the enemy’s stern or when she is boosting away. Keep within missile range at all times. Also, realize the weapons have a cooldown so maybe cycle them so you are not blasting them all at once unless you need the alpha damage quickly. Some weapons do hull damage bonus and others do bonus to shields.

Runaway from hard fights by jumping to a random object. Bring up the scanner. tag a distant planet or star. Put max pips into jump drive taking the pips from weapons (Never take pips from shield) boost away from enemies and jump on outta there.

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