Starfield – How to Fully Explore Something on a Planet

How to Fully Explore the Planet

An area becomes fully explored when you interact with the “main goal” of the specific location.

  • For a lot of caves and places with aliens it is a dung pile filled with meds and credits and various loot.
  • For a location with human friendlies it is completing a miniquest.
  • For a location with human enemies it is to kill them and loot a specific thing from one of them and sometimes look at it in your inventory (for me it was a soundclip or a book once).
  • Some natural formations or something might be to scan a thing, it was an arch for me once.

In general just go through the area twice, once with scanner on and once with scanner off looking at doors and computers and whatever.

Should almost always find the thing they want you to find that way.

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