Starfield – Missing Fauna / How to Locate (Secret Biomes)

Pro Tip: Missing Fauna

It took me a day to figure this out. Lots of wasted hours so Id thought Id pass it along. Please share. I imagine this is a common problem.

So I got to 97% in Alpha Centauri system. I was missing 2 fauna on Gagarin. From what I could tell I was missing them in ‘Swamp’ biome which was the only biome not at 100%.

What I discovered was that, on planets with lakes/oceans, there are also [coast] versions of each biome. If you go into your scanner (surface map – G) while in a Swamp [coast] biome for instance youll notice on one edge that there is this obvious square and dip in the terrain. This is the ocean. If you head to that area and set up a scanner outpost youll see the missing fauna in the water.

Couple other tips:

  • Alpha Centauri was worth 440xp when completed. ive completed other systems that have been worth less so the payout seems to be based on size and/or complexity. Not sure lots of moons would count the same or not.
  • Water can be fatal. I got a massive brain injury while swimming out to scan the creatures. barely made it back to shore.

Note: Gagarin data was worth 24,000. Most are worth 4,500-9,000.

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