Starfield – Outpost Tip: Single Biome Moons

Single Biome Moons

I figured out that ICE moons are always a single biome and you can find moons with 4 Resources on them. Which means you can plop down an outpost and harvest 4 Resources without having to do that whole ‘find the border between biomes’ nightmare. I havent found any ICE moons with more than 4, but I also havent done an extensive search.

You will need the right skill to put outposts on these though as they are Deep Freeze environments. Some of these I have found have really bad solar exposure where I get 2 power instead of 6 or 10 I get elsewhere from solar panels.

Of course these have no atmo, so there is no wind power. Placing down a H30 generator might be worth it in some instances, especially if that moon already has H30 on it.

Update: I did find a couple ICE moons with 5 resources.. both of which had Cs.

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