Starfield – Space Combat Tips

Tips for Space Combat

If you do the Vanguard mission questline, you’ll gain access to a very strong shield component (I think it was 4k+ shield points). That, plus the shield talent perks, should help. I don’t think you even need to finish the questline, just start it and do a couple parts of it.

Using your boost will remove the missile lock enemies can have on you. Brake to stop the boost early so you can use it again quick if you need to.

In my opinion, which is still kinda limited, using 4 powerful weapons that do both shield and hull damage is easier than using a combination of 3 different types. I usually just throw the strongest laser auto cannons I can on to my ship and a couple of suppressors for disabling systems and it works for me. Focus fire on one enemy, using the lock-on to disable their weapons.

Companions can also be huge. The perks they have apply to your ship in addition to your own perks, so Vasco can help with shields and I think he adds an energy point to your reactor. Other random crew members you’ll find in cities can also be used, such as the 3 you’ll find in New Atlantis who can focus on certain damage types.

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