Starfield – Tips for Storage Problem

Storage Tips

Solution is here!

Use the unlimited storage in the Lodge basement next to the benches.

Pro Tip: Use this mod Increased Ship Transfer Distance to manage inventory.

You can Fast Travel to the Lodge basement and easily manage moving your ship inventory to the infinite storage boxes. No more round trips to empty the ship cargo before heading out. Also works on missions, when you need to unencumber by moving some cargo to the ship hold so you can fast travel.

Bonus is it does not affect the achievements like console commands will.

One of the best QOL mods out there, next to StarUI. Also works looting facilities or on missions.

If you haven’t done the Mantis mission yet make sure you save/reroll to get the Mantis suit with mechanical + other stats. I have +40 on the suit and +20 on the helmet.

Once you get a ship with 2K+ storage just dump it all in there, and you can still use the lodge for any excess if you ever need it.

Extra Bonus: Sell from your ship inventory anywhere.

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