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There’s a random event that you can use to get a ship with a Tokamak reactor early in the game. All you need to do is walk on the surface of some moon until you see/hear a ship land close by. It’s most likely a Stiletto from those Ecliptic mercs. There’s usually 5-6 in and around the ship.

After taking care of them search the ship for contraband and ditch it all outside so you won’t get cought then fly it back to New Atlantis. Registering the Stiletto cost 11k and turning it into a decent ship a few grand more. Mounting the more maneuverable White Dwarf 1010 engines is a bit more expensive though.

If you’re level 5 or 6 already you can buy three Disruptor 3300. The Tokamak can run them all together with two White Dwarf 1010 engines and the Bastille shield generator. Compared to what the Frontier brings to the table these cut through enemy ships like a hot knife through butter.

You can save even more money by repurposing the 2×1 Taiyo hab the Stiletto comes with. Simply delete it from the build and place it anew from the menu. Here you can choose any 2×1 Taiyo hab you like. That’s possible because for the game all of them are technically the same module. This can also be used to reset the coloring.

Missiles are a very good ‘store’ of damage. A full group of missile launchers with one pip of power still has all its missiles—they just don’t reload at any meaningful rate. This means you can dump a massive amount of damage on something at an opportune moment and worry about reloading them later, like when you’ve boosted away to let your shields regen.

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