Starfield – Xbox Controls

These are the controls you need to be familiar with if you’re playing Starfield on Xbox. There are PC controls schemes if you’d rather stick with the more conventional PC experience of a mouse and keyboard.

Movement Controls

See the Xbox controls you’ll need to know in Starfield below:

  • Move: Left stick
  • Move Camera: Right stick
  • Sprint: Press left stick down
  • Sneak: B
  • Combat Slide: Press B while sprinting (requires the gymnastics skill)
  • Jump/Boost Pack: Y
  • Activate: A
  • Pick up item: Hold A
  • Flashlight: Hold left bumper
  • Scanner: Left bumper
  • Switch between first or third person view: View button
  • Quick Menu: D-pad

Combat and Weapon Controls

  • Ready/Fire Weapon: Right trigger
  • Aim/Block: Left trigger
  • Bash Attack: Press right stick down
  • Throw Grenade: Right bumper
  • Reload Weapon: X
  • Holster Weapon: Hold X
  • Power: Left bumper + Right bumper

Menu and Navigation Controls

  • Open Menu: Menu button
  • Accept: A
  • Cancel: B
  • Up: Up on analog stick or D-pad
  • Down: Down on analog stick or D-pad
  • Left: Left on analog stick or D-pad
  • Right: Right on analog stick or D-pad

Flight Controls

  • Forward: Right stick
  • Rotate Ship: Left stick
  • Navigate between systems: Left and right on the D-pad
  • Increase/Decrease power to systems: Up and down on D-pad
  • Boost: Press left stick down
  • Switch POV: View button
  • Repair Ship: Right stick down
  • Open Scanner: Left bumper

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