Starship Troopers: Extermination – Pro Tips

Useful Tips

  1. Move in Groups You are squishy and easy prey on your own (Bugs move together, so should you!)
  2. Revive Downed Troopers, No One Is Left Behind! (and an extra gun is always helpful)
  3. Never run a single canister from the Refineries, always wait till all 4 are done then take them back to HQ (You should be doing this in groups anyways, so stick together and move as a Unit)
  4. Operators should always carry Canisters, as they can carry two, Bastions should be in support with Reduced Bug Melee damage perk (Live together and Die Together)
  5. Never Grab Gas First, even if you only intend to drop it off! There will ALWAYS be someone who puts it in anyways and ruins the staging. Plus, you are wasting time that could be spent on gathering ore (Work as a Team!)
  6. Ping High Risk Bugs so Troopers are aware! (Gunner Bugs, Tigers, and Grenadiers)
  7. When Talking to your groups in an area, use local chat as to avoid confusing everyone else with your chatter. Use Team Chat for general talk (If you say ammo here in team, people look around on the other half of the map and are confused)
  8. Doors have more HP then Walls
  9. Bunkers should be at key Choke points due to massive HP (Remember you only have 4, use wisely)
  10. Auto Turrets should be at main gates, not around the ARC
  11. Manual Turrets Should always be on top of Bunkers, and in the middle as to avoid bug attacks
  12. Communication is KEY
  13. Small Walls are your Friend (Use them in hallways to slow down the enemy when they breach you outer walls)
  14. Standard Grenades are useless. Chem grenades do the most damage, Followed Close by Napalm Grenades (Standard issue is the worst PLZ Buff the Grenades)
  15. Always Bring someone who can drop ammo packs (No Bullets = Death)

Now remember your Training, and you just might make it back alive!

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  1. Small walls in front of bunkers allows marines to shoot the bugs without risk of getting hit.

    The bugs are taller than the walls and the walls are shorter than the open bunker ports. \

    Put an ammo box in there so it isnt susceptible to incoming fire. Can even add a manual turret to shoot over the short walls. Just gotta aim a lil bit up.

    Bastion can chill in bunker and put shock walls on the ground through the ports and never have to leave his post.

    Also they might cause the mortar bugs to aim for a disposable 50 ore piece instead of chunking your bunker.

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