Street Fighter 6 – D3D Error Fix

Seeing how many people seem to be having these issues, it would be more logical to compile every information…

How to Fix D3D Error

Potential Fixes:

  • Uninstalling graphic cards drivers and doing a clean install of the most recent one.
  • Making sure that if you have integrated graphics on your system, to use whatever application your display adapter has to select the dedicated adapter for SF6.
  • Complete reinstall of the game.
  • Disable overclocking and the XMP for it in the BIOS.
  • Uninstall OS and do a clean install (tested on Windows 10 environment).
  • Run the game by using the affix -DX11 as an argument.
  • Set internal resolution to 2 (I would add that maybe running in 1080p or 720p might have the same result).
  • Reinstall Steam and verify game file integrity right after.
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