Street Fighter 6 – Modern Blanka Players / Useful Tips from a Platinum 2

Gameplay Tips from a Platinum 2

I’ve been labbing up and trying to get over my Plat 1 plateau. I’m Plat 2 at the moment, but hovering on the edge. I’ll make plat 3 before long. Here are some tips and tricks I have incorporated to get over the hump, including a bread and butter combo most of you seem to have missed (I have never seen any other M Blanka do this combo, but it’s easy).

First – the combo. This combo uses 4 drive meter. So it is expensive. But it uses no super meter, and if you can control your drive usage afterwards, it’s worth it. It’s also just as good as ending the match with an auto-L3, in fact I think it does slightly more damage. It does 30 percent damage, and it’s almost an auto combo.

Intermediate #8. The way it’s written, it’s very hard to do on a gamepad. But it’s actually just the M assisted combo. So just go into the M assisted combo, but after the gold ball, do gold rainbow, and end with wild nail. (Edit – BE SURE to practice this both in the corner and also in the open. It’s different, and you want to land it every time. It takes timing and practice, but not much. It’s pretty easy).

Opponents completely change their game after you land this one, they’re scared. It’s not one of the auto combos so they think, wow this guy can actually do some stuff. So they alter their whole game at that point and that’s when you pounce with your hidden tech.

So now you start in with light ball into throw, medium ball into throw, hop into up-ball, those kinds of tricks.

Hold some of those back at first. Get a feel for your opp and what they’re gonna do. Then if you can do a medium kick poke into that 30% combo, bring out some of your tricks.

If you want to be really mean, surprise them with the combo, surprise them with tricks, and then when you win, don’t rematch. Just move on to the next opp and surprise them too.

If you want to win and want to advance you need to use all the tricks in the bag. Sometimes that means refusing the rematch against Ken or Juri. Or Jamie or Kimberly.

Final tip, and one I see a lot of you have trouble with in the replays (and so do I for that matter) – get all of your up-balls on tap. Don’t lean on the assisted-ex-up-ball, it’s too predictable and you’ll end up whiffing.

Make SURE you can do the straight up-ball when you need it and they’re trying to do a cross-up. And also make sure you can hit them with the light-up-ball that angles more forward, it’s very good for surprise.

You’re welcome!

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