Street Fighter 6 – Tips to Play Jamie

How to Play Jamie

Jamie only has a few moves that are positive on block, and most of them are spacing dependent. He’s mostly reliant on drive rush for plus frames during pressure.

His standing medium punch is +1 on block. This is his ONLY positive on block normal.

Crouching medium punch is 0 on block.

Swagger Step can be up to +2 on block if you get the very tip of the spacing, but it’s extremely unreliable. Most often with spacing he’ll generally only be able to make it safe, but if he’s too close it’s -6 so make sure you punish that if you block it. EX is always at least safe no matter the distance, and it can be up to +7.

Divekick is the same as Swagger Step, it’s -4 on block when spaced badly and +2 when spaced correctly. Only thing is it’s much easier to hit the ideal spacing with divekick. If he clips your feet then he’s plus. If he hits your head or chest he’s punishable with 4 frame moves. EX Divekick is always safe and can be +5 at best.

Sweep target combo is positive on hit, including if he chooses to drink. It’s +21 on hit without drink and +3 with it. Overhead target combo is similar, however it’s -1 on hit if he drinks instead of being positive.

This first hit of rekka is -6 on block, though it can be made safe with spacing, say if he throws it out after a poke. If he’s drink level 4 it’s always safe at -3.

Last thing to note is that kick rekkas (the ones that end with him drinking) are -1 on hit, but if he does EX kick rekkas he’s +1. He’s also very plus if he gets drink level 4 off of landing kick rekkas.

Note: He’s weak to getting zoned but he just beats Manon in neutral. She has poor defense and neutral but explosive damage with her throws, that’s just how she works. You can also use Drive Reversal to get out of his offensive pressure if he corners you but the goal should be to avoid getting cornered in the first place

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