Stronghold: Definitive Edition – Save File Location

Where can I get the Stronghold: Definitive Edition save data? Continue reading this simple guide if you need to locate a save file to backup or maybe transfer to another device / PC.

Can I Play My Old Saves in Stronghold: Definitive Edition?

Yes, all save games from the original Stronghold can be played in Stronghold: Definitive Edition.

All you need to do is copy your saves from the original saves folder to the new Stronghold: Definitive Edition saves folder location:

  1. Browse to the original Stronghold maps folder. Default location is:
    • \Documents\Stronghold\Saves.
  2. Select and copy all the save games you wish to transfer.
  3. Browse to the new Stronghold: Definitive Editions saves folder.  Default location is:
    • C:\Users\{username}\AppData\LocalLow\Firefly Studios\Stronghold 1 Definitive Edition\Saves.
  4. Alternatively click on the “Open Settings Folder” within the in-game “Game Options” to open the folder.
  5. Paste the saves into the new folder.

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