Subterrain: Mines of Titan – Explanation of The Regulators, Filters and Infections

Explanation of The Regulators, Filters and Dealing With Infection

Quick explanation of the regulators, filters, and dealing with infection, compacted into one spot.

Filters and regulators have NO durability. Once made, they will never break. Once installed in a sector, the area must be powered for the filters to function. If power is turned off, oxygen and temp will gradually return to that area’s original levels. All they do is slow the rate of infection gain, and make it so thermal and oxy cans are not needed in that area.

Higher tier filters and regulators simply further reduce the rate of infection gain. There may be a version that can actively assist against the infection. The prison starts with the most basic working version of the filters and regulators installed.

For infection, killing the monsters does lower the local infection. This includes the ‘eggs’ you see around. If you full sweep an area, IE kill every single mutant, you can reduce the local infection to 0, however this does not mean the infection is in any way gone, simply that no monsters of any kind remain.

As local infection increases again, more mutants will have spawned. Its worth thinking of local infection as both area difficulty, and enemy mass. Infection doesn’t increase based on internal factors in an area, only its oxygen and heat levels (What kind of regulators are installed and actively powered), as well as a few other factors later on that are pretty obvious once they come into play. Further areas as a general rule when unpowered/no filters increase infection at a faster rate.

Also, random tip. The tram you ride in has a storage compartment, which you may find useful. Its accessible before or after riding it, not during.

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