Subterrain: Mines of Titan – Storage Tips

Backpacking Tips

I always brought two or three spare small bags when reaching a new location. I would use the first to store any key items I was going to use in that location, such as filter, keycards, story items, or similar things.

The second bag was mostly used to store food, drinks, medicine and other gear and supplies, maybe even including a spare weapon core. The third bag was used for nothing but loot I was going to haul back to base.

Whenever I ran out of inv. space, but still had some spare canisters in the tram, I would ride the lift back to the first floor, swap my canisters out by storing the consumed ones in the tram, and drop all the loot and supplies I had gathered up to that point in the bags.

When it was time to go back home, I would usually leave all the food and medicines in the second bag, unless I had little food remaining back at base, and I would fill my inventory with the most valuable loot and trash from the third bag, leaving the less valuable or bulkier trash behind for whenever I came back to the location.

Eventually, once I had no interest in that zone, I would try to bring everything back, maybe leaving behind one of the small bags.

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