Sunday City – Currency Types Guide


The most popular currency in Sunday City is chips!

They can be found almost everywhere: they are used to pay salaries in temporary jobs, they are used to buy food in establishments, they can be found in chests throughout the city, and of course you win them inside the Golden Dragon!


Not everything can be purchased with chips, often, as a reward for tasks and levels, you will receive tickets, the color of which determines the value of the lottery reward.

For golden tickets you will have a chance to receive a very rare reward, for example, a unique character look, a cool sports car or a case of a profitable business in the city!

Golden Tickets

The free spins of the Wheel of Fortune have run out, but the coveted prize still hasn’t appeared?

It doesn’t matter, use diamonds, they will help you get daily bonuses again, but also buy a premium experience boost in the bar for you and your friends!

Black Chips

Black Chips are the premium currency used to make purchases at the Sunday City Luxury Store.

There you can purchase luxury cars and character skins that are not available to everyone!

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