Sunday City – Gameplay Tips

Useful Tips

How to Get More Experience

In Sunday City, it’s challenging to become influential on your own; you always need to find loyal companions!

Add another player to your group and receive a bonus to your character’s experience! Also in such a frenzied pace, don’t forget to take a break and visit local cafes; they say that food also provides a decent experience bonus!

How to Increase the Bet

What to do if fortune has smiled upon you, and your chip count is off the charts, but you can’t place a larger bet?

Don’t worry; it’s designed for your benefit. The maximum bet limit will increase as you level up your character. The higher your level, the larger your bet. After all, why rush? Let’s savor the joy of betting!

How to Change Skins

Your phone is your best assistant in Sunday City! It can help you change your appearance, transportation, as well as phone cases. To do this, select the tab you need on your phone.

By the way, you can also manage your business through your phone, though it’s a pity that you still have to go to the place yourself to collect the revenue…

How to Become a Business Owner

To get a business, you need cases with documents. You can win them by participating in tournament activities, and they often drop as prizes from silver and gold tickets.

How to Get More Chips

In the sunny Sunday City, there can be gloomy days, for instance, when you’ve completely run out of chips…

While having fun at the Golden Dragon, you’ve probably never lifted anything heavier than a stack of chips, but what to do if they run out? Don’t worry, you can always take on one of the jobs and earn some extra! To get a job, go to the bulletin board and choose the one that suits you. Complete tasks and earn chips; the Golden Dragon awaits you!

How to Add a Friend

To add a friend, you need to open BuddyBook on your phone. Copy your ID (it’s located just below your username) and send it to your friend, or ask for your friend’s ID. After that, the player will appear in your friends list.

To join a group, open the Group app on your smartphone, then click “Invite” and select from the list the friends you’d like to add. Great, you’re not alone now! A group can have up to 4 people simultaneously, and the more people, the more experience bonus from bets you get!

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