Super Fantasy Kingdom – Beginners Tips

Here you will find useful tips and tricks for Super Fantasy Kingdom, both for newcomers and experienced players.

Gameplay Tips

  • Dont let your units strave.
  • Buy the units if you can not if you need them.
  • Focus on your next goal dont work on every at the same time.
  • Focus on your battle upgrades more than eco.
  • Focus on hero upgrades through gold or hero levels through high quality food. You don’t need both, one is enough.
  • Quality often beats quantity. A few high level or upgraded heroes are enough to win the game. Getting too many heroes will often just lead to starvation.
  • Walls are a great way to boost your units power. Each wall level is equivalent to half a level for your heroes.
  • Not every building and building upgrade is worth it. Sometimes the resources and workers are better used elsewhere.
  • Fish and berry are most of the time enough food.

Elements and Kingdoms

The nine Kingdoms your Hero’s originate from each have one Element they are weak against and one Element they are resistant against. The Element they are resistant against, tends to be the Element they use, but there are exceptions.

The Picture shows the Elements connected to the Kingdoms they are weak or strong against. A Green connection shows strength against the kingdom while an orange connection shows weakness against the kingdom.

You can check kingdom of the unit by the background picture of the unit (in this example it is Reptiloid kingdom):

And type of the damage dealt by given unit is marked here:

Hero Combinations (Builds)

Shield Build:

Strong as a stand alone build; Even stronger combined with runescribe or projectile builds.


Knight with inspire:

  • Knights Inspire buffs attack of Heroes with shield by 20-30%

Metal Mage relic:

  • Metal mage further increases attack of Heroes with shield by 30%


  • Applies shield to the hero in front

Heroes with Shield:

  • Swordsman
  • Miner
  • Gremlin

Runescribe Build:

Weak start, ends up very strong.



  • Upgrade priority; Needs 2 stars
  • Main damage Source

Shield build:

  • Knight with inspire
  • Metal Mage
  • Crossbowman to apply shield to Runescribe


  • Automatically aplies radiance to monsters reducing their magic defense
  • Can apply wet (+25-50% damage for runescribe) with the holy water relic


  • Increases electric damage of the runsescribe by 30%; does not work with shield build

Water Elemental:

  • Applies Wet (+25-50% damage for runescribe) to monsters

Tank Build:

Already works great with just Gremlin and Swordsman; Reliant on one relic.



  • Provides access to the wrench relic (-25% cooldown for tanks)

Hero with the tank role:

  • Swordsman
  • Dino
  • Shaman

Projectile Build:

Can end up very strong, lots of heroes to choose from.



  • Provides access to Frost Arrows relic (Physical projectiles apply Freeze)

Physical projctile Heros:

  • Benefit from frost Arrow
  • Gremlin
  • Crossbowman
  • Jester
  • Marksman
  • Miner
  • Skeleton

Non Tracking Projectile Build:

Less commitment than normal Projectile build, still very strong.



  • Provides access to the Metal Arrow relic (piercing for physical non tracking projectiles)


  • Benefits from metal Arrow
  • Main damage Source
  • Upgrade priority


  • Benefits from metal Arrow

Keep Your Distance Build:

Fun to play, not very strong.


  • Applies stun in a big area


  • Bunches monsters up and keeps them from advancing


  • Stuns monsters
  • Good aoe against bunched up monsters

Knight with shield of mankind B:

  • Applies stun


  • Additional damage against stunned for the hero in front.
  • With the eagle eye relic additional critical chance against stunned monsters.

Dark Build:

Very strong, Skeleton makes early game super easy, Ghost deals lots of damage. Does not need a big commitment to work.



  • +20% dark damage for the heroes to the left and right
  • Deals a lot of damage


  • Deals dark damage
  • Applies fatigue
  • Extra damage against fatigued monsters
  • Very strong in the early game, can solo kill the miniboss


  • Deals dark damage
  • Zombie applies fatigue


  • Deals dark damage
  • Weak


  • Deals dark damage
  • Weak, but can help against the demon spider

How many status effects? Can work well with Dark build, Not very strong alone, lots of heroes to choose from.



  • +10% damage for each status effect on a monsters

Status effect sources; Only heroes i’d consider somewhat viable listed.


  • Ghost


  • Deathpriest
  • Skeleton


  • Werewolf


  • Jailer


  • Monk


  • Runescribe


  • Cyclops
  • Treant

Thank you for your time and I trust you found this little guide useful.

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