System Shock – Tips for New Players

Having trouble playing the System Shock? These tips will help you!

Beginners Tips

Tips that a new player needs to know:

  • Sensearound is your friend when looking for clues (or resources).
  • Listen to the logs if you’re stuck. If none of them provide enough guidance, emails should point you in the right direction.
  • You don’t need to obsessively vapourise everything, recycling high-value items without vapourpising them first can get you pretty far.
  • Take your time (assuming you’re not on mission difficulty 3!), and move through the station with intention. That intention may be to scavenge an entire level, or it may be to complete the current objective, or something else.
  • Be generally observant and take mental notes of shortcuts and paths to different facilities or locations, because you’ll likely be revisiting areas a few times.
  • Store resources that you don’t have room for but may want later somewhere convenient. I like the crates outside the Maintenance Freight Elevator.
  • Try to conserve energy (and other resources), but don’t not use them when the situation calls for it. The resources are there to be used, not hoarded… but it’s good to leave some breathing room for emergencies.
  • Take it slow, use Q & E (By default) to lean around corners.
  • The SparQbeam is really good when charged up to the max with T (by default).
  • Look carefully in each room you explore for goodies.
  • Each enemy has a sound/dialogue when they stand still that are unique to them so you can prepare for whats ahead.
  • Everytime you destroy a data-node in each level you see a computer with a red number until you get to the sixth level, note these IN ORDER to save yourself a *** of time later in the game. Needed for the fourth objective where you destroy the stations reactor where you need to input the data note codes in order of 1-6 (level wise).
  • Maintenance has 2 really powerful weapons A heavy duty handgun and a laser sword.
  • Use grenades, they are good, especially EMPS.
  • Upgrade your guns, its worth it, especially on some of the more basic guns. For example you can upgrade the pistol once in medical for more ammo and another time in reactor, which makes it have 20 in the magazine and fire in bursts.

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