Tales of Maj’Eyal – Basic Mechanics

Useful Mechanics

It’s useful to teach you some basic mechanics to look out for. I’ll list a couple that come to mind:

1) Confusion and stun effects are run-enders. It should be a very high priority to have a good way to mitigate these status effects – the most accessible way is to inscribe shatter affliction runes and/or wild infusions. Keep in mind the status effects that are cleansed with these are random so try and be proactive with cleansing confusions and stuns. There is also a torque (it’s an activatible item with a cooldown that goes in tool slot) you can buy that cleanses mental effects, which is nice to have when you can find one.

2) What does the order you enter dungeons look like? This is a common pitfall for new players for entering really dangerous zones too early. For early game, I recommend something like this:

  • Norgos’ lair (specifically, kill the boss before level 10 so he doesn’t get the brawler class) -> trollmire + arena quest -> kill the cursed miniboss that spawns on the southeast part of the map near last hope -> do some shopping around last hope (note: buy the category that gives you access to armor mastery/thick skin for 50 gold, it’s a great investment for your generic points for almost any build) -> crystalline caverns -> rhaloren camp (do NOT open the vaults here) -> kor’pul -> heart of the gloom.

A lot of runs tend to end at the t2’s (i.e. the dungeons you run after the ones listed above), so I highly recommend doing the maze + sandworm lair before you think about touching old forest or dai’kara. This is because maze + swl have lots of chests strewn about which give you a decent shot at getting some really good gear. Before starting t2’s, I also advise you purchase an item that turns you undead (“of unlife” suffix on gear). Not really necessary if you’re experience but it makes sandworm lair more comfortable as if you get trapped in the sand you won’t suffocate as undead have no need to breathe.

3) One of the strongest effects in the entire game is the ability to strip sustained abilities from enemies. Brawlers and paradox mages have the ability to do this with skills you can learn on them, but there are other ways to do so through items like with certain gloves (forgot the name) as well the rune that urkis drops (urkis is not at all an easy fight though so be careful). This can help really shut down those super dangerous mages with like 10+ sustained abilities you tend to find mid-late game.

4) Level-locking can be a useful strategy for dealing with specific enemies. If you enter a zone for the first time, the enemies in that zone will not level up with you. You can come back at a later date with a level advantage which can make some fights significantly easier.

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