Tarisland – How to Beat Merfolk King

Merfolk King Raid Guide

In Phase 1, the boss has a few attacks and mechanics:

Rapid Cleave: The boss glows red. Healers and tanks should use their cooldowns because this attack does a lot of damage.

Shockwave: The boss targets a random direction. Move left or right to avoid it.

    Water Bomb: One random player gets a debuff. If you have a water circle under your character, you have the debuff. Move away from everyone before it goes off, or it will explode and hurt the group.

    Summon Merfolk: The boss summons minions. The off-tank needs to grab the minions, and DPS should focus them down. Always kill the Merfolk Shaman first. After the shaman dies, stand in the shield it drops.

    Storm’s Call: Once the Merfolk Shaman is dead, stand in the shield. This attack can kill you in one hit. Healers should use their cooldowns and everyone should use health potions. It does a lot of damage to the whole group.

    After Storm’s Call, the boss will use Rapid Cleave again right away. Make sure to turn the boss away from the group after Storm’s Call.

    Repeat these mechanics until the boss is defeated.

    I hope you found this helpful!

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