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Regarding Characters and PVE

Will you have more in-depth skills for classes, like a skill that can only be accessed by reaching level 100?

We are constantly monitoring the performance of each class in the game and, based on player feedback, continuously improving the design and combat experience of each class. In fact, since the first test, we have made many changes to the skills and associated talent trees of each class. Significant improvements have been made to the parameters and effects of skills. We now plan to expand the existing 2 Ultimate slots to 3, allowing players to choose 3 out of 8 instead of 2 out of 6 Ultimates. We have also added 16 types of skills and passive effects that only take effect in PvP gameplay. Going forward, we will continue to monitor the performance of each class and strive to further optimize the development system and combat experiences. It is possible that we will adjust the positioning of skills via emblems and special abilities to meet player expectations.

Do you plan to add more classes and races? Like a druid or monk, a worgen or morlock? A system to change your character’s race and something locked, like if I wanted to be a gnome assassin or a gnome mage, you know?

As we have already revealed, we will introduce male Mages and female Paladins into the game in the future, along with other new classes awaiting their debuts. And being able to change the character’s race sounds intriguing! Although there are currently no plans for this, it seems like a fun system to explore. Maybe it’s something we could consider later on?

How often is PvE content updated?

We plan to have 2 to 3 major seasons each year, and each will be filled with more content than that in this version. We’re talking about 4 dungeons and 4 raids each season. Each dungeon will have 3 bosses, while each raid will have 3 to 5 bosses. Our system also plans to offer different mechanisms for different difficulty levels, so players can expect at least 60 boss fights offering different levels of challenge.

Will there be PvE content specifically for solo players?

The Universal Hall is PvE content designed specifically for solo players. It requires players to challenge multiple bosses alone, demanding specific skills and strategies. The difficulty of the Universal Hall increases with each floor, where distinct skill mechanisms and boss affixes are introduced, granting different rewards as players progress.

Is there a secret boss/secret enemy/secret item/secret class in the game that we can play and have to find ourselves?

We have hidden a few secrets in different corners of Tarisland for meticulous players to discover.

How does Tarisland encourage and reward exploration, providing players with unique and rewarding experiences for venturing into uncharted territories?

To encourage players to explore and relax between dungeons, we have hidden many chests and exploration points on the map. Players can explore the map to collect rewards and achievements, as well as unlock a range of content, including flight capabilities, diagrams, titles, and much more.

What features does Tarisland offer to foster meaningful guild interactions and encourage cooperative gameplay among guild members?

When there are 3 or more guild members in a dungeon team (6 for raids), players earn extra friendship points. Additionally, we are continuously optimizing and adding guild-related content, and more might be released in the future!

Will there be pets that interact with the world or characters, offering different characteristics?

The pet system is already under development and is expected to be introduced to players once the game is officially launched. In addition, some mounts will offer interactive gameplay features. We are continuously updating these features, so stay tuned!

Currently, the game also offers many various occasional events, such as fishing and amusement park.

Regarding PVP

What about Guild vs. Guild or even castle sieges? Also open the PvP map. Are you considering creating one?

We are still preparing for large-scale PvP actions in the open. We are taking it slow and considering setting up a server vs. server mode to expand PvP content, but we are also exploring other potential PvP gameplay options.

How does Tarisland balance PvP encounters to ensure fair and competitive gameplay for players of different skill levels?

To ensure a better PvP gaming experience, we have made the following adjustments to the 3v3 arena:

  • All players will enter the arena with the same attributes based on their specialization choice.
  • All character attributes such as equipment, gems, inscribed stones, military rank, and others will no longer take effect.
  • Only attribute bonuses from class talents and PvP passives from warrior talents will be effective in the arena.

Through these approaches, we believe we can provide players with the fairest and most competitive gaming experience possible.

Meanwhile, we always keep an eye on the performance of each class and specialization in PvP, ensuring a relative balance between them.

What advantage will a player who spends a lot of time playing PvP have compared to players who play little? Will Raid/DG equipment make a difference, even a minimal one, on attributes?

In Tarisland, PvP and PvE modes have little to no influence on each other. Especially in the 3v3 arena, players will find little difference in attributes, apart from the impact of their class talent and warrior talent selections.

Compared to players who engage in PvP less, those who dedicate more time to PvP might have a slight edge in Warrior Talents, but the difference is not significant.

Moreover, PvE equipment can have some impact on the battlefield, but this is nothing compared to the PvP attribute bonuses provided by PvP military ranks and warrior talents.

Regarding the Economic System

How are you going to earn as a company without the game being pay-to-win?

Appearance Subscriptions, Monthly Pass, and Battle Pass will be the main revenue sources for the game. These subscriptions will offer exclusive appearances and a small number of additional privileges and resources that do not affect game balance.

What unique characteristics does Tarisland’s economic system offer to create a dynamic, player-driven marketplace?

The game uses an anonymous shopping mall model, aiming to minimize the impact and interference of gold producers and bots on the market while ensuring that regular trading needs of players are met.

Will there be items available for purchase with real money that can also be acquired through in-game currency? Is there a plan in place to ensure that players who may not have the financial means to make real-money purchases still have the opportunity to acquire items with real money and the opportunity to obtain in-game items?

Items purchased with real currency in the game will not provide any improvement to character development. Only functional items such as appearances and renaming cards are available for purchase. To ensure that non-paying users can also acquire these items, the game provides a “gold coin” and “crystal” exchange function. Players can use in-game “gold coins” to purchase “crystals” listed by paying users and acquire these paid items.

How are you going to manage players who become gold and currency farmers in the game and will infest all the daily and weekly game modes and ruin the gaming experience?

Since the system uses anonymous exchanges, these users cannot directly disrupt the game’s economy using gold coins; they can only engage in item trading within reasonable and normal limits.

Is it possible to trade between players?

Currently, we do not support player-to-player trades. All transactions must be done through the Trade Center.

When putting the item on the market, can we set the price?

We will set both the minimum and maximum for item prices. Players can adjust item prices within these limits based on changing market conditions.

Cross-Platform and Security

How does Tarisland ensure a seamless and secure cross-platform gaming experience for players on different devices?

In order to ensure that players on multiple platforms enjoy a smooth gaming experience, we have implemented custom and in-depth optimizations for the game. For our game’s dual-platform development, we focus on native development for each platform rather than emulator porting, thus ensuring consistent visual effects and smooth user experience on both platforms.

The user interface on both platforms is individually customized to fit the usage habits of players on different platforms. For instance, on the mobile gaming platform, we have optimized touch controls and interface layout to account for the limitations of smartphone screens. Meanwhile, on the PC gaming platform, we offer more customization options and complex control methods, supporting fully customizable PC interfaces.

Additionally, we have taken cross-platform game fairness into consideration during the development phase. For example, in the core PvE gameplay, we have designed multiple difficulty levels to cater to different player preferences. We have also ensured that data can be seamlessly shared across platforms to maintain consistency in game progression and achievements.

Does Tarisland offer cross-platform progression, allowing players to seamlessly continue their gaming experience across multiple devices?

Yes. The data between PC and mobile platforms is interoperable.

Miscellaneous Information

How does Tarisland plan to address player feedback and suggestions in future updates to improve the overall gaming experience, and what channels are available for players to actively participate in shaping the direction of the game?

We actively collect and process player feedback. Since the game’s launch, we have made many significant adjustments and improvements, largely thanks to the valuable ideas and suggestions from our players. Thanks to all the players who have shown so much love for Tarisland.

How will the season changes work? Will I reset items and levels?

No, they will not be reset. After the new season begins, we will unlock brand new scenarios, dungeons, gameplay features, and better equipment.

Will the game support the game controller?

Sorry, but that’s not planned for now.

Will there be a class change coupon if I don’t like my class? So all my efforts don’t need to start from 0 again.

Sorry, but we don’t have such items at the moment. However, we are developing new features or functionalities to help players quickly enhance their alternate characters.

I hope you found this useful!

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