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Beginners Guide

Task Priority

Main Missions > Guide Missions > Regional Reputation Missions > Side Missions

Key Points for Leveling Up

Have a main storyline as the main line

Participate in the first copy of Chaos Library. Before that, if your level is not high enough, do the quests and side quests that are refreshed every Wednesday and Sunday.

After reaching the daily level limit, prioritize completing daily tasks. In the upper right corner, you can see the daily and weekly needs each day and reach the daily goals.

Dungeons will open at levels 18, 25, 29, 32, and 37 respectively. The first group copy will open at level 24.

The level cap for the first version is level 40. After level 40, the second version of group and secret realm gameplay can be opened.

After reaching this level, prioritize exploring the map to obtain talent points from each map.

Monetary System


Base currency, the currency used by players for transactions with NPCs, such as various stores and repairs.


The exchange currency, the currency required for transactions between players, can be produced in various PVE and PVP activities, and can also be used to exchange for crystals.


The recharge currency, the currency obtained by players after recharge and spending, can be used to purchase items in the store, battle passes, monthly cards and other gold items can also be exchanged for a portion of it.

Colorless Crystal

Bound currency, its use is not very different from that of crystals, but it cannot be traded.

Exploring Content

Each map has exploration rewards. Exploration points can be obtained by completing teleportation points on the map, exploring treasure chests, taking photos and viewing landscapes, collectibles, continental classics and fishing.

By completing map exploration, you can obtain rewards such as talent points, life expertise points and titles.

The map is divided into different zones. The specific collection status of each zone can be checked by clicking on the triangle to the right of the zone name.

Lifestyle Content

There are 4 life skills in the world of Taris: Forging, Jewelcrafting, Tailoring and Alchemy. Each life skill has 3 development branches.

Life activities require energy, and energy is essentially restored every 15 minutes. Life skills can cross-produce the necessities of other life skills, as well as some basic equipment and exploration and auxiliary accessories.

Level 1 to 60

To fully enjoy all the game content, you need to quickly reach the highest level. You will discover all the details on how to level up quickly during this complete XP guide from 1 to 60 with the most efficient techniques and approaches to quickly reach max level.

Grab your weapons, prepare for intense battles, and embark on a journey through the alluring universe of Tarisland, where each level reached brings you closer to legendary status.

Complete Your Quests

The fastest way to gain XP in Tarisland from the beginning of the game is to complete quests. After finishing the prologue and selecting your first quest, it becomes clear that this way of gaining XP ensures the best return on time invested/experience gained compared to all other approaches.

Clear Dungeons

Dungeons have a significant impact on your XP, although they don’t offer you as much XP gain as quests. The first time you unlock a dungeon is when you reach a certain level. You have enough time to participate in dungeons during daily level caps.

You will only be able to do dungeons with real humans from level 20 onward; before that, you can only defeat them using bots. However, once you reach level 20, it is highly recommended to participate in dungeons with other players for quick drops and XP.

With the exception of Dim Cavern (lvl 7), they are all playable in both Normal and Elite difficulties. Dungeons are not the best place for XP once again; however, they will give you quality drops that will certainly be useful during your next adventures.

Do Your Daily Quests

Daily quests are mainly considered by players as a characteristic of mobile games. Daily quests are not the first thing that comes to mind when looking at how to level up quickly.

Admittedly, compared to the other two techniques mentioned above, they are not the best source of XP; however, many players wrongly neglect them.

They are designated with an icon identical to that of classic quests but it is purple. You receive a ton of XP for doing these tasks, but you can only do them once a day.

Do Raids

Raiding is more end-game content than dungeons. It’s only once you reach level 30 that they become accessible. For players who have never faced a raid boss before in an MMORPG you will need a trustworthy team.

In other words, if your group is strong and you know the mechanics, participating in raids is one of the best methods to level up quickly.

Each of them has both Normal and Elite difficulties.

We can be absolutely certain that the developers will add more bosses (60/year). Killing raid bosses is useful not only for gaining experience points, but also for obtaining rare materials and equipment.

Reputation Events

There are 6 reputation missions refreshed every day in randomly unlocked areas. Open the map and click on the glowing icon below to quickly track them.

There are different types of tasks, including killing monsters, rescuing hostages, decrypting, pushing boxes, etc. Each time you complete a reputation event, you can earn the reputation of the area and 1,000 experience points.

It is recommended to complete the 6 refreshed reputation tasks each day, in order to regularly obtain 6,000 experience points and quickly pass the stage where you are stuck in the main quest.

Mob Farming

Here is the last part of the Leveling Guide. Farming enemies in this MMORPG, unlike other well-known MMORPGs (such as World of Warcraft, Lineage 2, etc.), gives you very few experience points and is useless. Don’t waste your time farming mobs!

Optional Leveling Techniques

I provided you with a comprehensive list that will hopefully satisfy your desire to learn how to level up quickly. People who are used to more comprehensive MMORPGs might say that the game doesn’t have enough XP options. While this may be accurate, keep in mind that the game is still in the early stages of development.

The devs might add other ways to get extra XP, namely: Gathering Resources (herbs, ore, etc.), Crafting Items, and World Events.

The developers are striving to add content to the game so that players can level up faster, so it’s only a matter of time.

Tips for Leveling Up

As we approach the end of this leveling guide, I would like to provide some tips that will undoubtedly be useful to you:

Use consumables.

Using consumables will allow you to quickly replenish reserves, as in any other MMORPG. You won’t have to wait for your HP/Mana or return to town. Instead, you can consume Potions to continue progressing in a quest or fighting monsters.

Upgrade your equipment.

This advice is especially important at the beginning of the game when you frequently find new drops. The latter will undoubtedly be more desirable than what you are wearing. Your combat efficiency and survival rate can be significantly increased by using BiS gear. Keep in mind that the dungeons that become accessible almost immediately are one of the best sources of drops.

Team up.

As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to defeat Raid bosses or complete Elite difficulty dungeons without a solid team. I strongly advise you to form a group with your friends in order to maximize your chances of winning any battle and getting the best loot.

Strategic skill allocation.

Developing your character’s skills is essential to their effectiveness. Take some time to make a thoughtful build and allocate your skill points. Consider developing skills that increase your AoE damage, utilities, or survival. Try various skill combinations to determine which ones work best with your playstyle.

Use your mounts.

It is essential to use mounts in order to travel across game zones faster and complete objectives. Upgrade your mount so that it can fly if you want to make the most of this advice. You need to advance your Reputation in each location to do so.

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