Terminator: Dark Fate – Defiance – Tips on Urban Combat

How-To: Urban Combat Tips

Two words. High explosives!

Grab rpg teams and upgrade them to hold HE which does work to buildings. I have read a lot of people been struggling with buildings and I think it’s the lack of firepower they have in their unit selection.

Also CQB. Pop smoke to a building Then run through smoke and click z to beach a building. Or use an apc to get units close then deploy them to beach. Lastly get heavy artillery when you can.

It is the work horse of my army besides my up-armored transport towed by up-armored upgraded bulldozer.


Enemy in Building?

Use high explosives from rpgs or ifvs or tanks or artillery. Then if that doest do the job clear with CQB beach mechanic with your close range infantry.

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