Terra Invicta – How to Form a Pan-Asian Super Alliance

Guide to Uniting the Pan-Asian Alliance

By Galanodel!

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in how to form a Pan-Asian super alliance. The advantages of this are numerous, including an absolutely massive science income when properly set up. When I first accomplished it in 2030, it instantly gave out over 6k science income, and in 2032, it had topped out at 12k. 4 years later, in 2036, it’s still growing, and has come to 16k science.

Because science is such a bottleneck in games, I feel this leads to a massive snowball that the aliens simply can’t overcome. I’m going to give you, as best I can, a step-by-step guide to forming it.


Unification can be accomplished when two nations are in a federation together, and the nation that is doing the unifying has a claim on the capital of the other nation. Regions that the unifying nation does not have a claim to ALSO come along. When combined, it averages out several of the statistics, the most important for me being their miltech, which can have devastating consequences if you’ve been pushing it hard.

It does NOT average out their diplomacy scores; the unifying nation uses its score and keeps it. It also costs cohesion based on how many regions there are that are being united, so try to be above 5 cohesion before unifying to avoid breakaway nations. The cooldown on unification can also be quite long, which is why the second option is important.


When a nation wins a war, it forcibly takes all territory from the losing nation that it has claims to, as well as all allies. You also see a minor decrease in cohesion, some increased unrest, and a few other maluses, but none are very major if the war is quick.

To participate in a war, a nation has to have an army that can get to the battle, so having an army with a navy in it typically.

What will you need to make this work?

  1. A navy capable army, preferably several, with a decent miltech that initially aren’t from India. Once you’re past the first few steps, India can be involved in most of it.
  2. Lots of CP cap (no, but really, this thing is rough on CP cap). If you have hostile CPs in your superpowers, don’t purge them if they aren’t ruining your plans. Them taking some of the burden off your own cap is honestly a good thing.
  3. A spoils nation or two. At a few points in this guide it can be super helpful to have enough liquid cash to swoop in and direct investment up an army and a navy quickly.
  4. Decent science output. There are a lot of expensive techs here, and the CP research can also be expensive. Once you get past about step 3, this will mostly solve itself.

Note: If you are having some difficulties or you are looking for an easy way out. You can always edit the save file for resources and other bonuses. You can learn how to do that in detail here.

Without further ado, let’s get into the guide:

Step 1: Control the executive in India, and after consolidating control, cede the territory of Guwahati to China.

Step 2: Control Taiwan, and research the “Liberate the Mainland” project (behind the Unity Movements tech). This will only appear after you’ve gathered the pre-requisites in the tech tree AND you control Taiwan.

Step 3: Control the executive in China to avoid getting nuked, and declare independence with Taiwan, with the nation allied that you plan on using to win the war with China that follows. Do not use India. Swiftly win the war by dropping your armies on the capital and moving the Chinese military out of the way. This will form a new China, the Republic of China, and push the old China (henceforth referred here as the CCP to avoid confusion) west, moving their capital to Guwahati, which India has a claim on.

Step 4: Federate the CCP, India, and the Republic of China together, and unify the CCP with the ROC, and then the new combined China with Taiwan into India. This will create an Indian superstate that has excellent growth potential, and will carry your science for the next several years.

Step 5: Research the Greater Indonesia project, which appears while you control Indonesia. Utilizing war, take over all of the claims that it’s gathered. It’s probably worth peacefully unifying Singapore into the conglomeration, to maintain its miltech level coming in.

Step 6: Research the Greater Austronesia project (behind the Great Nations tech). Again, war to add most of the smaller areas, maybe peacefully unify Australia, again to preserve the miltech level coming in. Bonus points for taking Honolulu from the US, which you can cede to Indonesia if you control the U.S. There is also a super small island out by madagascar that is controlled by the EU probably at this point that can be added as well if you just HAVE to have it all.

Step 7: Research the Southeast Asian Alliance project, gained by controlling Thailand. Some of these claims overlap with Greater Austronesia, that’s okay. Simply make it as large as you can without taking away claims from Indonesia.

Step 8: Federate Indonesia and the Southeast Asian Alliance together, and unify Indonesia under the SAA. You now have a combined SAA that is all of micronesia, australia, several islands, and southeast asia. It also now has the economic chops to be productive in my eyes as well, so it can start being generally useful.

Step 9: Research the Pan-Asian League project, and just before it finishes, grant independence to China.If you didn’t finish great nations before step 4, you may need to grant independence for a while to get the Pan-Asian project to fire. This is the section where CP juggling is very important. Defend your interests, murder people who may try to take stuff from you before granting independence, have a stockpile of influence, etc.

Step 10: Utilizing this China, take over its new claims in Russia (bonus points for researching Siberian independence, granting them independence from Russia, and then conquering them. This clears their colony status, which allows MC to be built there), South and North Korea, and Japan. Japan is probably worth peacefully unifying into China, if you have the CP cap to be able to wait, to raise its miltech level.

Step 11: Unify the Southeast Asian Alliance into China. Watch for cohesion!

Step 12: Unify the now massive China back into India. Be sure your cohesion is at 5, it’s gonna be a doozy.

There you have it! Your combined India now has about 40% of the world’s population in it, can easily push all stats, including economy, and still maintains India’s 1% population growth bonus. Make sure it’s democracy score is above 8, raise its GDP per capita to above 50k, raise its education through the roof, and get cohesion back to 5. You now have 11k science a month at base, and CP cap to spare to start looking at some other project.


Can I build up a military in Taiwan for step 2 and not use outside assistance?

Yes, you absolutely can, but I prefer not to. Building up an army and a navy takes time, and this is right at the start of the game (early 2024 in my games, since I make a beeline for this if I do this strategy), and delaying the creation of the Indian superstate is overall not a good trade imo. The Indian superstate really carries your science when you create it in step 4, so I want it ASAP. That means outside help.

How do you keep your CP under control?

I dedicate a line of research to CP growth, and a separate one to unification techs. Get the cheap CP techs.

Then beeline it for quantum encryption. Getting that 6th councilor really helps. Beyond that, make sure your councilors are teching into CMD/AMD/PER for the cap gain, as well as not econing in your various nations. Plenty of time for that when the unification is done.

Also, be comfortable going over your cap at times, defending your interests, murdering high INS and ESP councilors to make it harder to take your points, etc. Sometimes its worth having someone control a point for a while just to drive down the CP costs, as long as they aren’t ruining the nation with spoils.

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