The Case of the Golden Idol – Second Scenario Puzzle Walkthrough

How to Solve Second Scenario Puzzle

The second puzzle is a stretch. I came up with a scenario, got it wrong and then realized the intended answer. I didn’t put all the pieces together until the third puzzle because some of the hints are… esoteric.

Here is how you solve it:

First, what happened. There is a ritual to determine rulership. First you take a test, then the winner goes through the rite involving the blade. It is a magic trick where the Lemurians have a person inside the device lower the candidates torso so the blade doesn’t cut them in half.

This was sabotaged- someone tossed a bottle that says ‘throw me in the eye’ and the servant inside has a blue stain on their hand; the various pieces around the island let us figure out that means there was a venomous cricket in the bottle.

Since it was labeled, that means there were two people involve- the person who prepared the bottle and the person who used it. The user has to be the prince (if it was anyone else, they’d be the individual acquiring it and thus not need to label the bottle).

As for who acquired the poison there are hints (the code is in English on paper from a British company), but to pull it off they need to know how the ritual is conducted.

The answer to that is puzzle 1 (where a life is saved) and the part in puzzle two where the Lemurian Saint is offering ‘a secret for a life’.

I wasn’t joking about esoteric- you are supposed to realize the Englishman knows about the secret ritual of kingship because he saved the guys life in the first puzzle.

I didn’t get that the first time so thought the killer was either the spymaster or warrior because the servant girl was the only possible source of information for how the machine works.

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