The Devil Within: Satgat – How to Defeat the First Boss

Gameplay Tips to Beat the First Boss

Basically, I mainly use dodging and spinning slash through charging.

At the beginning of phase 1, if you stick to the right as much as possible and fall, you can start by inflicting damage through rotational slash stiffening. The ideal is to use a spinning cut and 2 light attacks followed by 1 strong attack and then get out.

Phase #1

In Phase 1, most of the rotational slashes after the pattern cause stiffness, so you can safely combo after dodging.

At the start of Phase 2, you can calculate the timing based on falling objects in the background and start with a spinning slash.

Phase #2

In Phase 2, you can use a spinning slash stiffening combo after an air slash attack.

You have to pay close attention to see if the boss is back-tumbling when he jumps. If you jump without tumbling, it is a frontal lightning spray attack.

In Phase 2, if the boss walks in a straight line, it is likely that the normal attack pattern will be followed by a shooting pattern. During normal attacks, unlike Phase 1, rotational slash does not cause stiffness, so it can be reversed, so it is recommended to only use light attacks.

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