THE FINALS – Arena: Practice Range (POI’s)

Practice Range: Overview

The Practice Range is a space where contestants can test out different builds, weapons, gadgets, and specializations in a closed enviroment.

Points of Interest (POI’s)


The contestant will load into the arena in a long hallway, lined with displays of mannequins in different outfits.


The building in the middle of the arena resembles a house from Monaco, with an outdoor café and two floors.


To the right of the spawn area, there is a section filled with grass and trees. Some shipping containers and a bench are located here. Scattered around the bench are roses that can be picked up with the Gravity Glove.


The hoops area is where contestants can practice their throwing skills. It has four targets of varying sizes, and a basketball that can be picked up and thrown.

When the basketball hits one of the targets, the target will turn green and the basketball will reset to its original position. When all targets are green, a celebration sound effect will play.

Upper Platforms

The upper platforms are accessible through the zipline or jump pad on top of the house, or by using various movement specializations.

Shooting Range

The main shooting range is at the opposite end of the arena. There are moving dummies that represent each of the three builds with their respective health values.

There is a terminal here that can be used to swap loadouts.

Auxiliary Shooting Range

This is a smaller shooting range to the side of the arena. It has three enemy dummies and three ally dummies who fire at each other at fixed intervals.

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