THE FINALS – Arena: Skyway Stadium (POI’s)

Skyway Stadium: Overview

Skyway Stadium, a mixture of Seoul & Monaco, is a arena distinctly different from the parts it is made up of.

Instead of being a recreation of a environment, it uses the dioramas of existing maps to make a area that feels much more virtual.

Keep your eyes on the match, and try to drown out the cheering of the crowd! Tournament matches on Skyway Stadium are sponsored by Volpe.

Points of Interest (POI’s)

Hotels | Diorama M-01

The hotels diorama is at the center of the arena, and consists of a four-story hotel building, with smaller houses surrounding it. Various ziplines and jump pads in this area allow access to other parts of the arena. During the High Rise arena variant, this section is elevated above the rest of the arena and additional jump pads are scattered around the area to allow contestants to access it.

Shopping District | Diorama M-02

The shopping district is at the northernmost part of the arena. It has several multi-story buildings which surround a small market area in the center.

Mansion | Diorama M-03

This mansion sits by itself on the edge of the arena, surrounded by a small forest.

Office | Diorama S-01

The office is a large building with open-floor reception areas, cubicles, offices, and meeting rooms. This area is accessible from the hotels, med-tech, and mansion by traversing a large gap, usually via jump pad.

Construction | Diorama M-02

This area is a multi-story construction yard with two cranes. Like the other seoul inspired buildings, it is designed as a standalone building, instead of a distinct area.

Med-Tech | Diorama S-03

This section of the arena consists of two connected buildings, a hospital and a tech center. Each building has a large, open roof terrace, accessible by staircases, elevators, and ziplines.

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