THE FINALS – Arena Variants

List of Arena Variants

Devs virtual architects are always hard at work, trying to find creative ways to innovate the experience of the contestants.

Devs arena variants aim to add another layer to THE FINALS experience and can change the direction of how the match will be played.

Arena variants are always revealed before the match starts, so make sure to build your loadout accordingly!

DefaultA standard arena, ready for destruction.
Moving PlatformsVaults or cashout stations can be found on platforms moving around the arena.
Under ConstructionThe otherwise blocked off building in the heart of Seoul can now be accessed.
Suspended StructuresCashout stations are suspended high above the arena.
Duck and CoverDevs duck mascot has decided to crash the party and crush part of the arena.
Down, Up, Left, RightIn this variant Moving Platforms meets Suspended Structures
High RiseThe center area of the arena has been elevated to new heights.

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