THE FINALS – Bank-It (Gamemodes Guide)

Bank-It Mode

This game mode includes four teams of three battling for coins in a casual-friendly, combat-focused setting.

The team that reaches the max limit first, or the team with the most cash banked at the end of the round, wins.

  • Each contestant starts with $1,000.
  • Eliminating a contestant will cause them to drop all of their cash.
  • Each coin dropped represents $1,000.
  • Interacting with a vault will start a 10 second timer for it to open.
  • Once a vault has opened, it will drop the amount of cash displayed above it. This value is $5,000 at the start of the match, and increases to $10,000 later in the match.
  • Interacting with a cashout station will deposit all of the user’s current cash, and that amount will be permanently added to the team’s total.
  • Once a team reaches or exceeds $40,000 deposited cash, they win.

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