THE FINALS – Cashout (Gamemodes Guide)

Cashout Mode

This game mode involves four teams of three contestants or three teams of three contestants, depending on if it is tournament or quickplay respectively, competing to collect the most cash within an 8-minute time limit.

There are three ways to obtain cash: killing other contestants for $200 each ($400 when the Deathmatch event is active), opening a Vault, or using Cashout Stations.

To use a Cashout Station, players must first locate one of the two available Vaults in the arena. Upon interacting with a Vault, players are rewarded with $1,000, and a Cash Box will appear within 10 seconds. contestants can then carry the Cash Box to one of the two Cashout Stations located in the arena.

The Cash Boxes can be thrown once picked up, allowing contestants to defend themselves if attacked, or to pass the Cash Box to a teammate.

After depositing the Cash Box into a Cashout Station, the team will be rewarded with $2,000. Then, a timer will start, and the team will need to defend the Cashout Station from enemy contestants trying to steal it.

All other contestants will be alerted to the deposited Cashout Station and will be allowed to try to capture it to steal the cash. Once the timer ends, the deposited cash will be added to the team’s total cash, and two more Vaults will appear in the arena.

  • The first two Vaults in the arena are worth $10,000 each in Quickcash, whereas in tournament mode subsequent Vaults are worth $15,000 each. Overtime Vaults (Vault 5 and 6) are worth $20,000.
  • If the round timer has less time than it takes to complete a Cashout, the game will enter overtime.
  • Multiple Cash Boxes can be deposited in the same Cashout Station, adding the value of each Cash Box to the total cashout amount.
  • When a contestant gets eliminated, they will have to wait for 30 seconds to respawn unless they get revived by one of their teammates.
  • If all members of a team are eliminated, their total cash will be reduced by 30%, and all team members will have to wait 20 seconds before they can respawn.

Game Modes

Quick Cash

Jump into fast-paced action in a single-match rush to reach a cash goal.

  • Lengthː Single Match
  • Earn Cashː Successful Cashout
  • Lose cash on team wipeː No
  • Respawn cointsː Unlimited
  • First to reach cash goal wins


Battle to qualify in escalating knockout rounds, and for ultimate victory in the final round.

  • Lengthː Up to 3 rounds
  • Earn Cashː Vault open, Vault deposit, Successful cashout, eliminating opponents
  • Lose cash on team wipeː Yes
  • Respawn cointsː Unlimited
  • Round Overtimeː Yes, if a cashout is in progress when time expires
  • Win the final round

Ranked Tournament

Join the pinnacle of competitive gameplay, with more tournament rounds, and where performance can boost you to a new league.

  • Lengthː Up to 3 rounds
  • Earn Cashː Vault open, Vault deposit, Successful cashout, eliminating opponents
  • Lose cash on team wipeː Yes
  • Limited respawn coins (3)
  • Round Overtimeː Yes, if a cashout is in progress when time expires
  • Qualifyː Finish in top 2 during knockout rounds
  • League Progressionː Yes
  • No in-round swapping from reserve.
  • Win the final round

Tournament & Ranked Tournament Modes

Tournament is the ranked playlist available in THE FINALS. Featuring the Cashout mode, it offers numerous changes from the standard Quick Play playlist.

Differences From Quick Play

  • The Tournament consists of 16 teams (48 players) in a bracket set up.
  • The first bracket features four matches that are played simultaneously.
  • Each round consists of four teams (known as Groups) in Knockout rounds.
  • At the end of the 8-minute round, the team with the lowest amount of Cash is eliminated.
  • All other teams will quality for the next knockout round.
  • The second Knockout round features 8 teams with two matches played simultaneously.
  • The third round features a single match. The two teams with the lowest amount of cash are eliminated.
  • The final round features only two teams in a single match. The team with the most cash at the end of the match will be declared the winner of the tournament.
  • The “reserve loadout” seen in the loadout menu is used exclusively in this playlist. This lets contestants customize their loadout specifically for ranked play without changing their normal loadout.
  • Once a Build has been selected in the first round, it can not be changed, however you can swap weapons, equipment, and specializations based on the items added to the saved reserve loadout.
  • Playing in the Tournament playlist will award players FP points towards their ranked league progression.
  • Tournament features for ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

Fame Points

Fame Points (FP) are gained and lost based on when the team is knocked out of the tournament, or wins.

The amount of FP gained and lost is dependent on your rank, with each full rank above bronze giving between -50 or +50 FP decrease/increase dependent on when you get knocked out.

The baseline FP Gain / Loss is listed below:

Round 1 Knock Out:

  • 4th: -100 FP (-50 Per rank)
  • 3rd: -50 FP (-50 Per rank)

Round 2 Knock Out:

  • 4th: +50 FP (-25 Per rank)
  • 3rd: +100 FP (+25 Per rank)

Final Round:

  • Runner up: 600FP (+50 Per Rank)
  • Winners: 1000FP (+50 Per Rank)


There are 5 ranks in THE FINALS as of CB2: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each of these ranks give different exclusive seasonal rewards. Each rank consists of 4 sub-ranks. For example, the Bronze rank contains Bronze 4, Bronze 3, Bronze 2, and Bronze 1. Each of these is 1250 FP (Fame Points) apart with the player starting at Bronze 4.

When sub-rank 1 is achieved and an additional 1250 FP is gained, the rank of the player is promoted to the next rank, for example Silver to Gold, or Platinum to Diamond. When a new rank is achieved, the contestant cannot be demoted to the previous rank in that season, however between seasons a contestant’s rank may be adjusted or reset.

Gold to Platinum Sub-Rank ladder.

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