THE FINALS – Customization Guide

Contestant Customization

A well-placed missile or a heroic revive can go a long way in winning over an audience, but a dapper outfit or a smooth entrance certainly doesn’t hurt, either. 

To customize a contestant:

  1. Head to the Contestants screen from the Backstage
  2. Select your preferred contestant, then press Edit.


It’s not just weapons and gadgets you’re bringing into the arena – it’s your impeccable fashion sense, too.

 The Style menu lets you customize your contestants’ looks. That doesn’t just mean picking their face and hairstyle, but also picking from such wardrobe essentials as a dashing eye patch; a sturdy flak vest, a floppy witch hat; and a positively delightful assortment of animal plushies.


Expressions allow you to leave a mark while in the arena, whether that’s a well-timed emote or a spray to mark your territory.

Equipping emotes to your emote wheel

You can assign up to 4 emotes to each contestant’s emote wheel, to use in the arena. 

To equip an emote to your emote wheel:

  1. From the Emotes menu, select your emote of choice
  2. Press Equip To Wheel
  3. Select the preferred slot the equip the emote to

Setting an emote as your introduction

You may also equip any emote as your intro, shown alongside your teammates at the beginning of a round.

 To equip an emote as your introduction:

  1. From the Emotes menu, select your emote of choice
  2. Press Equip As Intro

Sprays, Emoticons, Sounds and Gestures

In addition to emotes, you’re able to express yourself in just about any way imaginable. Mark the site of your most recently vanquished opponent with a commemorative spray, or send your emotions fluttering through the sky.


Arguably the most cuddleable of cosmetics, pets offer some much-needed moral support from the relative safety of your shoulder.

Equipment Customization

It’s not uncommon for contestants to form a profound, heartfelt connection with their favorite equipment. So why not jazz up your lucky weapon or gadget with a new skin, charm, sticker or animations?

To customize your equipment:

  1. From the Backstage, head to the Contestants screen
  2. Select your preferred virtual contestant, and press Edit
  3. Select the weapon or gadget you want to edit, and press Customize
  4. Choose your preferred skin, charm, sticker or animation, then press Equip

Unlocking Additional Cosmetics

Additional cosmetics can be unlocked; some by progressing your career; some as rewards in the battle pass, and others in the Store.

Advancing Your Career

Customization options are unlocked by gaining XP in matches, and advancing your career. Additional rewards are included in the Battle Pass.

Multibucks Store

Bundles, which may contain outfits, weapon skins, expressions and more, can be purchased with Multibucks from the Store.

To access the store, navigate to Store from the Backstage.

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