THE FINALS – Game Show Events

List of Events

A meteor landed on my head out of nowhere! What’s up with that?!

There’s never a dull moment at THE FINALS! Game show events, such as the Meteor Shower, are triggered partway through each round and will last for two minutes.

These will affect the gameplay experience, so contestants need to be flexible and ready to adapt – and yes, even dodge meteors.

Meteor ShowerMeteors fall near cashout stations.
The Dead Go BoomWhen eliminated, you explode.
Low GravityExperience longer hang time in the air.
Death MatchEarn extra cash when you eliminate opponents.
Mega DamageDamage to the arena is magnified.
Orbital LasersLasers take aim at contestants who aren’t moving.
Molten MadnessLava appears on the arena floor.

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