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How to link your account in the boot flow

The first time you start the game you’ll get instructions on the screen about how to either create a new account or how to link an existing account. Follow these steps and you’ll be all set up.

What happens if I did NOT link my account when starting the game for the first time?

If you don’t link your Embark ID when starting the game for the first time, an Embark ID will be created and linked to the platform you’re using.

For example, imagine you have an existing Embark ID linked to Steam and you want to link it to a console. If you skip the ‘link account’ step when first starting the game on your console, a new Embark ID will be created and linked to your console.

As a result, you won’t be able to connect to your original Embark ID on the console since it now recognizes the newly created account.

Can I unlink my account from Embark ID

Yes! You can unlink any third-party provider from your Embark ID, as long as you’re not currently logged in using that provider. F

or instance, if you’re logged into Embark ID via Steam (and also have Playstation and Xbox linked), you won’t be able to unlink Steam. However, you can still unlink Playstation and Xbox.

Can multiple cash boxes be delivered to the same cashout station?

Yep! It’s possible to place multiple cash boxes into the same cashout station. This will increase the total amount of money earned when the cashout is complete. Just make sure no one steals it!

How do I play with friends?

From the Main Menu, open the Social tab (You can find it in the top right corner of your screen, next to Settings).

  • Click on desired profile name and choose “Invite to party”.

I’m a PC user, can I play with my friend who is on a PS5 or XBOX?

You can! We’ve integrated crossplay functionality in our Open Beta. Just make sure that the crossplay option is enabled in Settings.

Does THE FINALS support controllers and how do I connect my controller?


How does the voice chat work?

Our in-game voice chat can be enabled/disabled through an assigned button at any time in a match (check your assigned keybind/button in SETTINGS.)

When joining the voice chat you are able to communicate with your teammates. Just make sure you have the voice chat enabled and set it up correctly from the Audio tab in the Settings screen.

What are the differences between the currencies and what are they used for?

There are currently two types of transaction currencies in THE FINALS.


  • Credits can be purchased or earned in Battle Pass tiers. This currency is used for unlocking cosmetics in our in-game store page.


  • VRs is a currency used for unlocking new items in the EQUIPMENT tab. You earn VRs by playing.

Are the items I unlock during Open Beta permanent?

Only specific items are permanent. During Open Beta, most of the rewards will be temporarily added to your account and will not carry over to the game at the official release.

The permanent rewards for this Open Beta are:

  • Battle Pass Items (2 bundles)
  • Twitch Event Items (3 items)
  • League Rewards (for reaching Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond)

Should you unlock them during our Open Beta period, you can flex with them forever!

How to block a player

You can block a player by opening the MENU while in a match and clicking on SOCIAL. Then right-click the name of the player you wish to block and choose BLOCK PLAYER.

Keep in mind that the amount of players you can block in our Open Beta is limited to 50.

When you block a player in the game, you won’t be able to receive any party invites and friend requests from that player, or communicate with them via voice chat.

You may still come across this player while matchmaking.

I want to unblock a player

To UNBLOCK a player you need to login to your EMBARK ID and navigate to the BLOCKLIST.

You’ll see a list of the blocked players, which you can unblock from here.

Here is the link to that website:
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