THE FINALS – Gameplay Guide (Objects / Elements / Environment / Events)


Arenas are filled with a plethora of objects that can be manipulated by contestants using their Gravity Glove.

Important objects that contestants will regularly pick up include Cash Boxes, elemental containers such as the Oil Barrel (see below), and statues of eliminated teammates.

Other objects include décor such as flower pots, chairs, and trashcans.



Toxic gas deals damage over time to all players who come into contact with it. It can be released through green barrels, Gas Mines and Gas Grenades. The gas can be combusted by fire and explosion.


Goo is a substance which expands and hardens in contact with air. As cover, it creates a barrier from bullets and blocks lines of sight. It can also be used to traverse the map as a makeshift platform to reach higher places.

It can be released through pink barrels, Goo Grenades and the Goo Gun. Goo is very flammable, and can also be destroyed with a moderate amount of damage.


Fire spreads easily through vegetation and damages all players that it touches. Affected players will then burn, inflicting small but constant damage.

It can be released through Oil Barrels, Incendiary Mines, Incendiary Grenades and the Flamethrower. Fire will immediately be smothered by smoke, but will detonate gas and goo.


Smoke acts as an effective deescalator, blocking vision and allowing retreat. It can be released through grey barrels and Smoke Grenades. It effectively smothers fire.

Smoke can be seen through using Thermal Vision, and using Recon Senses or otherwise to locate enemies, smoke is an effective one-sided barrier.


Explosions do immediate potent damage to both players and structures. Explosions can be created from red barrels, explosive mines, C4 and the RPG. Explosions will destroy gas. Explosions can also activate buttons.



This is a tool to allow easy access to many parts of the arena. Ziplines that are part of the arena act exactly the same as the Medium Build’s deployable zipline, and therefore are destructible.

Jump Pad

These are useful for traversing large gaps, and are only found in Seoul. They differ from the Medium Build’s deployable Jump Pad as they cannot be destroyed, and always send the player in a diagonal trajectory.


Cannons are interactable environmental objects that can only be found in Monaco. When activated, they will shoot a cannonball in a straight line which will explode on impact. This can damage both the environment and contestants.


The Crane is a structure that can be found in all arenas that can be used as a vantage point to overlook the entire arena. A vertical zipline is provided to access the upper cabin, where the Crane can be rotated left and right with buttons.


Barricade These dynamic walls are present on all arenas, and can be raised and lowered by interacting with a button. They cannot be destroyed, although the button can be activated remotely with explosions.


Two types of elevators exist in THE FINALS, one for each arena. Elevators on Monaco are open-air, raiseable platforms with similar controls to the Raiseable Barricade. Elevators on Seoul are more conventional, with multiple buttons to select between floors.

Game Show Events

Game show events are triggered partway through each round and will last for two minutes.

These will affect the gameplay experience, so contestants need to be flexible and ready to adapt.

Event NameDescription
Meteor ShowerMeteors fall near cashout stations.
The Dead Go BoomWhen eliminated, you explode.
Low GravityExperience longer hang time in the air.
Death MatchEarn extra cash when you eliminate opponents.
Mega DamageDamage to the arena is magnified.
Orbital LasersLasers take aim at contestants who aren’t moving.
Molten MadnessLava appears on the arena floor.

Weather / Time of Day

Contestants can expect a variety of weather and time combinations in the arenas.

  • Afternoon
  • Fog
  • Night
  • Storm
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