THE FINALS – Guide to Basics

Welcome to the Backstage!

You made it! You’re in THE FINALS! Now lean back, relax and have a complimentary Pro Juice, courtesy of generous sponsor OSPUZE, and let us walk you through some basics.

As you plug in to game show, we’ll greet you backstage and help you make all the preparations necessary for outshining the competition and impressing the world.

The Backstage serves the purpose of a central hub that points you in the direction of, well, everything! Whether you need to create a contestant, navigate to your Battle Pass, make a quick stop at store, or just get right into the action, it all starts backstage.

Create a Contestant

Before you can head out and wreak havoc in the arena, you need to create a contestant.

For Open Beta, players will initially be introduced to the medium body build and will unlock the other body builds after a couple of matches.

Which Body Build Should I Choose?

Glad you asked! There are three different body builds to pick from: Light, Medium, or Heavy.

They are basically the ‘frame’ of the contestant’s loadout, meaning that they determine your contestant’s playstyle (e.g., specializations, weapons and gadgets available to the Light Build are not available to the Medium and Heavy Builds).

The body builds also have different core attributes that determine their movement speed and maximum health.

  • Light Build – Exceptionally fast, but low survivability. Executes hit-and-run tactics. Specializes in stealth and evasion.
  • Medium Build – Excels in mid-range combat. Average health and movement speed. Specializes in healing, scanning, or providing support.
  • Heavy Build – High survivability. Low movement speed. Specializes in demolition and fortifications.

Remember, you can always edit or remove your contestants in the Contestants screen.

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