THE FINALS – I Can’t Install The Game Fix

How to Fix Installation Problems (PC Version)

If you encounter problems when installing or reinstalling THE FINALS, there are a few fixes that can help you get past this situation:

  • Update your Operating System
  • Run the game as “Administrator”
  • Temporarily disable your Firewall (Windows)

Update your Operating System

Since updating your OS can solve many problems, we also recommend that you perform this update when facing issues with the installation of the game.


  1. Select the Windows Start button at the bottom left corner of your screen
  2. Select the Settings icon
  3. Go to Updates & Security
  4. Select the option Check for Updates

Run the Game as Administrator


  1. Right-click on THE FINALS shortcut and select Properties, at the bottom
  2. Select the compatibility tab and check Run this program as an Administrator
  3. Click on Apply and OK

Temporarily Disable Your Firewall (Windows)

Firewalls can block certain software installations. Therefore, you can proceed to disable them before starting an installation or patch update download. To disable the Firewall on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Windows Start button at the corner of your screen
  2. Select the Settings icon
  3. Go to Updates & Security
  4. From the left-side menu, select Windows Security
  5. From the list that shows up below, select Firewall & Network Protection
  6. Chose the option Turn Windows Firewall on or off (You may be prompted to enter the Admin password at this step)
  7. Under each network location, click the toggle button to disable each Firewall

Don’t forget to enable all your firewalls after performing the installation

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