THE FINALS – In-Game Features

Guide to In-Game Features

How to Enable Colorblind Mode

  • From the Main Menu, press ESC and click on Settings.
  • Navigate to the Accessibility tab and pick your desired Colorblind Mode.

How to Enable Enemy Team Colors

  • Go to SETTINGS.
  • In the GAMEPLAY tab, hover over the “Use Enemy Team Colors” option.
  • Toggle the option to ON.

This will make the enemy team’s colors different from one another.

Unlocking and Leveling Up Items

How do I unlock an item?

It’s pretty simple really! As you play the game you’ll receive VR’s. (our currency related to unlocking new items.)

When you’ve collected the required amount of VR’s you can go to the EQUIPMENT screen and choose the item you wish to unlock.

From the Main Menu, open up the tab: EQUIPMENT. Then choose the item you wish to unlock!

How to level up an item?

Use it! The more you use an item, the faster it will level up. Different levels will unlock different cosmetics.

To check progression, go to your EQUIPMENT screen, click on the item you want more information on and choose OVERVIEW.


Devs added 3 more wheels to the game! Aside from Ping Wheel, there is now an Expression Wheel, Communication Wheel and an Emote Wheel.

Now, Let us walk you through them!

Ping Wheel

With eight available alerts, the Ping Wheel enhances seamless team communication during gameplay.

To use it, simply open the wheel and drag your mouse towards the desired ping; this will place a marker at the location you’re currently targeting.

Expressions Wheel

On the Expressions Wheel you can equip your unlocked Sprays, Sound Effects, and Quips. Customize your choices via the EDIT CONTESTANT screen.

Communication Wheel

The Communication Wheel provides players with rapid means of communication during gameplay.

Through this wheel, you can instantly select from voice commands like “Yes,” “No,” “Need Help”, “Thanks”, and more, facilitating smoother in-game communication and teamwork.

Emote Wheel

On the Emote Wheel, you can equip a variety of expressions, from Emotes and Emoticons to Gestures that you’ve unlocked.

To customize your selection, simply navigate to the EDIT CONTESTANT screen.

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