The First Descendant – Amorphous Guide

Quick Guide to Amorphous Material

The First Descendant has a resource called Amorphous Material. It’s very useful in the game. You need it to research new characters and options at the Albion base.

In The First Descendant, you can’t use Amorphous Material directly. You need to change it into something you can use for research. To do this, you use Reconstructed Devices.

Purple Amorphous

001Ult Lepic StabilizerFinal Masterpiece TubeCrystallization CatalystPiercing Light TubeNazeistra’s Devotion BlueprintKingstonKingston Outpost
002Energy Activator BlueprintAfterglow Sword PolymerGreg’s Reversed Fate FiberSmithereens FiberGley CodeGrave WalkerMagister Lab
003Jayber Enhanced CellsEnzo Enhanced CellsCrystallization CatalystAlbion Cavalry Gun TubeNazeistra’s Devotion PolymerGrave WalkerSlumber Valley
004Secret Garden TubeViessa Enhanced CellsCrystallization CatalystLepic StabilizerWave of Light PolymerGrave WalkerKingston Defense
005Energy Activator BlueprintExecutor TubeAjax Enhanced CellsPython FiberFinal Masterpiece PolymerGrave WalkerKingston Defense
006Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Lepic SpiralSmithereens BlueprintRestored Relic PolymerValby CodeSterile LandRockfall Outpost
007Kyle CodePython TubeCrystallization CatalystNazeistra’s Devotion PolymerAlbion Cavalry Gun BlueprintSterile LandRepository Outpost
008Energy Activator BlueprintKing’s Guard Lance PolymerGreg’s Reversed Fate PolymerViessa SpiralPiercing Light PolymerSterile LandClassified Area Outpost
009Ult Bunny Enhanced CellsKing’s Guard Lance FiberCrystallization CatalystValby SpiralPython FiberStunning BeautyThe Forgottense
010Energy Activator BlueprintBlue Beetle PolymerLepic SpiralNazeistra’s Devotion BlueprintDivine Punishment FiberStunning BeautyUnknown Laboratory
011Perforator PolymerDivine Punishment PolymerCrystallization CatalystEnzo SpiralFinal Masterpiece TubeStunning BeautySterile Land Mining
012Energy Activator BlueprintEnduring Legacy FiberLepic Enhanced CellsGreg’s Reversed Fate BlueprintGley Enhanced CellsStunning BeautySterile Land Mining
013Lepic CodeGley StabilizerCrystallization CatalystKing’s Guard Lance FiberFinal Masterpiece FiberVespersLumber Yard Outpost
014Energy Activator BlueprintPerforator BlueprintDivine Punishment BlueprintViessa StabilizerSmithereens TubeVespersSupply Depot Outpost
015Esiemo SpiralRestored Relic PolymerCrystallization CatalystAlbion Cavalry Gun TubeNazeistra’s Devotion TubeVespersMoonlight Lake Outpost
016Energy Activator BlueprintSecret Garden PolymerWave of Light FiberAlbion Cavalry Gun PolymerValby Enhnaced CellsExecutionerSepulcher
017Ult Bunny SpiralKyle StabilizerCystrallization CatalystNazeistra’s Devotion FiberSmithereens BlueprintExecutionerThe Shelter
018Perforator Synthetic FiberViessa CodeCrystallization CatalystFinal Masterpiece BlueprintGreg’s Reversed Fate TubeExecutionerVespers Void Experiment
019Energy Activator BlueprintAjax CodePiercing Light BlueprintBlue Beetle TubeLepic StabilizerExecutionerVespers Void Experiment
020Energy Activator BlueprintExecutor FiberRestored Relic FiberValby StabilizerAlbion Cavalry Gun FiberEcho SwampMuskeg Swamp Outpost
021Ult Lepic CodePiercing Light FiberCrystallization CatalystNazeistra’s Devotion FiberEnzo SpiralEcho SwampDerelict Covert Outpost
022Energy Activator BlueprintEsiemo Enhanced CellsDivine Punishment TubeNazeistra’s TubeSmithereens TubeDead BrideSeed Vault
023Blue Beetle BlueprintValby SpiralCrystallization CatalystRestored Relic TubeGreg’s Reversed Fate FiberDead BrideThe Chapel
024Ult Bunny StabilizerViessa StabilizerCrystallization CatalystSmithereens FiberNazeistra’s Devotion BlueprintDead BrideEcho Swamp Defense
025Energy Activator BlueprintPython BlueprintBlue Beetle Synthetic FiberEnzo CodeNazeistra’s Devotion FiberDead BrideEcho Swamp Defense
026Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Lepic Enhanced CellsAfterglow Sword FiberBlue Beetle TubeValby SpiralAgna DesertVermilion Waste Outpost
027Perforator FiberSmithereens PolymerCrystallization CatalystAjax Enhanced CellsAlbion Cavalry Gun PolymerAgna DesertStorage Outpost
028Energy Activator BlueprintGley SpiralGreg’s Reversed Fate TubeSmithereens BlueprintEnzo Enhanced CellsAgna DesertMiragestone Outpost
029Secret Garden FiberPython PolymerCrystallization CatalystValby StabilizerGreg’s Reversed Fate PolymerDevourerThe Asylum
030Energy Activator BlueprintClairvoyance FiberViessa CodeAlbion Cavalry Gun FiberFinal Masterpiece BlueprintDevourerCaligo Ossuary
031Ajax SpiralExecutor PolymerCrystallization CatalystFinal Masterpiece BlueprintAlbion Cavalry Gun BlueprintDevourerAgna Void Experiment
032Energy Activator BlueprintWave of Light BlueprintSecret Garden BlueprintValby CodeRestored Relic TubeDevourerAgna Void Experiment
033Yujin SpiralRestored Relic BlueprintCrystallization CatalystValby Enhanced CellsPiercing Light PolymerWhite-Night GulchMountaintops Outpost
034Energy Activator BlueprintSecret Garden PolymerFinal Masterpiece PolymerGreg’s Reversed Fate FiberViessa Enhanced CellsWhite-Night GulchShipment Outpost
035Ult Ajax Enhanced CellsBlue Beetle FiberCrystallization CatalystEnzo CodeKing’s Guard Lance TubeWhite-Night GulchHatchery Outpost
036Energy Activator BlueprintExecutor TubeValby CodeDivine Punishment TubeSmithereens PolymerPyromaniacMystery’s End
037Executor BlueprintAlbion Cavalry Gun BlueprintCrystallization CatalystRestored Relic FiberEnzo Spiral CatalystPyromaniacBio-Lab
038Ult Viessa CodePerforator TubeCrystallization CatalystDivine Punishment PolymerSmithereens FiberPyromaniacWhite-Night Gulch Mining
039Energy Activator BlueprintClairvoyance FiberPython TubeEnzo StabilizerWave of Light TubePyromaniacWhite-Night Gulch Mining
040Energy Activator BlueprintKing’s Guard Lance BlueprintPiercing Light TubeRestored Relic PolymerEnzo StabilizerHagiosDune Base Outpost
041Kyle Enhanced CellsClairvoyance TubeCrystallization CatalystNazeistra’s Devotion PolymerRestored Relic FiberHagiosCorrupted Zone Outpost
042Energy Activator BlueprintBlue Beetle PolymerAlbion Cavalry Gun FiberValby StabilizerFinal Masterpiece FiberHagiosForward Base Outpost
043Ult Viessa StabilizerLepic SpiralCrystallization CatalystAlbion Cavalry Gun TubeRestored Relic BlueprintSwamp WalkerThe Haven
044Energy Activator BlueprintJayber StabilizerPython PolymerFinal Masterpiece PolymerGreg’s Reversed Fate BlueprintSwamp WalkerOld Mystery
045Yujin Enhanced CellsJayber SpiralCrystallization CatalystKing’s Guard Lance TubeGreg’s Reversed Fate PolymerSwamp WalkerHagios Void Experiment
046Energy Activator BlueprintExecutor FiberDivine Punishment BlueprintRestored Relic TubeViessa SpiralSwamp WalkerHagios Void Experiment
047Jayber CodeSmithereens PolymerCrystallization CatalystGley StabilizerPiercing Light BlueprintFortressFrozen Valley Outpost
048Energy Activator BlueprintKing’s Guard Lance PolymerDivine Punishment FiberWave of Light PolymerValby Enhanced CellsFortressConverter Facility Outpost
049Perforator PolymerAjax StabilizerCrystallization CatalystGreg’s Reversed Fate BlueprintRestored Relic BlueprintFortressDefense Line Outpost
050Energy Activator BlueprintGley SpiralEnzo Enhanced CellsNazeistra’s Devotion TubeFinal Masterpiece TubeHanged ManQuarantine Zone
051Clairvoyance PolymerEnzo StabilizerCrystallization CatalystAlbion Cavalry Gun PolymerGreg’s Reversed Fate TubeHanged ManHeart Of The Fortress
052Ult Bunny CodeSmithereens TubeCrystallization CatalystWave of Light TubeFinal Masterpiece FiberHanged ManFortress Defense
053Energy Activator BlueprintEnduring Legacy TubePiercing Light FiberEnzo CodeGley Enhanced CellsHanged ManFortress Defense

Yellow Amorphous

054Esiemo CodeKyle Enhanced CellsCrystallization CatalystPython PolymerSecret Garden BlueprintKingstonFallen Theater Outpost
055Energy Activator BlueprintKyle SpiralJayber Enhanced CellsExecutor BlueprintAfterglow Sword FiberKingstonFallen Theater Outpost
056Ult Viessa Enhanced CellsAfterglow Sword TubeCrystallization CatalystLepic StabilizerSmithereens BlueprintExecutionerMagister Lab
057Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Ajax Enhanced CellsYujin SpiralKing’s Guard Lance BlueprintClairvoyance PolymerExecutionerMagister Lab
058Ult Gley CodeClairvoyance BlueprintCrystallization CatalystKyle StabilizerPiercing Light TubeExecutionerSlumber Valley
059Energy Activator BlueprintEnduring Legacy BlueprintUlt Lepic StabilizerPython TubeEsiemo Enhanced CellsExecutionerSlumber Valley
060Ult Gley Enhanced CellsPerforator BlueprintCrystallization CatalystAjax Enhanced CellsClairvoyance TubeSterile LandRockfall Outpost
061Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Lepic CodeEsiemo SpiralSecret Garden FiberNazeistra’s Devotion PolymerSterile LandRockfall Outpost
062Ult Ajax StabilizerRestored Relic TubeCrystallization CatalystAfterglow Sword PolymerJayber StabilizerSterile LandRepository Outpost
063Energy Activator BlueprintValby CodeKyle Enhanced CellsWave of Light FiberPython BlueprintSterile LandRepository Outpost
064Yujin CodeGreg’s Reversed Fate BlueprintCrystallization CatalystKing’s Guard Lance TubeLepic Enhanced CellsSterile LandClassified Area Outpost
065Energy Activator BlueprintYujin StabilizerJayber CodePerforator PolymerEnduring Legacy TubeSterile LandClassified Area Outpost
066Ult Ajax CodeAfterglow Sword BlueprintCrystallization CatalystGley Enhanced CellsAlbion Cavalry Gun FiberDead BrideThe Forgottense
067Energy Activator BlueprintEsiemo StabilizerAjax SpiralEnduring Legacy FiberExecutor PolymerDead BrideThe Forgottense
068Ult Gley CodeFinal Masterpiece FiberCrystallization CatalystWave of Light PolymerViessa Enhanced CellsDead BrideUnknown Laboratory
069Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Lepic SpiralGley CodePerforator FiberBlue Beetle BlueprintDead BrideUnknown Laboratory
070Ult Viessa SpiralAjax SpiralCrystallization CatalystBlue Beetle PolymerExecutor FiberVespersLumber Yard Outpost
071Energy Activator BlueprintYujin SpiralJayber SpiralAfterglow Sword FiberPython BlueprintVespersLumber Yard Outpost
072Ult Gley SpiralLepic CodeCrystallization CatalystWave of Light TubeGreg’s Reversed Fate FiberVespersSupply Depot Outpost
073Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Bunny Enhanced CellsKyle CodeDivine Punishment TubePerforator TubeVespersSupply Depot Outpost
074Esiemo CodeSecret Garden TubeCrystallization CatalystUlt Lepic Enhanced CellsPiercing Light BlueprintVespersMoonlight Lake Outpost
075Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Viessa CodeAjax CodeNazeistra’s Devotion TubeKing’s Guard Lance FiberVespersMoonlight Lake Outpost
076Ult Gley StabilizerEnduring Legacy PolymerCrystallization CatalystWave of Light BlueprintKyle StabilizerDevourerSepulcher
077Energy Activator BlueprintEsiemo StabilizerUlt Lepic Enhanced CellsExecutor PolymerBlue Beetle FiberDevourerSepulcher
078Ult Ajax CodeSmithereens PolymerCrystallization CatalystGley SpiralEnduring Legacy FiberDevourerShelter
079Energy Activator BlueprintYujin StabilizerAfterglow Sword BlueprintLepic SpiralAlbion Cavalry Gun PolymerDevourerShelter
080Yujin CodePerforator BlueprintCrystallization CatalystLepic Enhanced CellsExecutor TubeEcho SwampMuskeg Swamp Outpost
081Energy Activator BlueprintEsiemo StabilizerAfterglow Sword TubeEnzo StabilizerKing’s Guard Lance PolymerEcho SwampMuskeg Swamp Outpost
082Ult Bunny CodeKyle Enhanced CellsCrystallization CatalystSecret Garden PolymerExecutor BlueprintEcho SwampDerelict Covert Outpost
083Energy Activator BlueprintViessa CodeEnduring Legacy PolymerGley StabilizerAlbion Cavalry Gun BlueprintEcho SwampDerelict Covert Outpost
084Ult Gley Enhanced CellsClairvoyance BlueprintCrystallization CatalystViessa SpiralDivine Punishment PolymerPyromaniacSeed Vault
085Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Lepic SpiralYujin Enhanced CellsSecret Garden BlueprintSmithereens FiberPyromaniacSeed Vault
086Ult Viessa Enhanced CellsValby StabilizerCrystallization CatalystBlue Beetle BlueprintRestored Relic BlueprintPyromaniacThe Chapel
087Energy Activator BlueprintKyle SpiralUlt Bunny SpiralWave of Light BlueprintEnduring Legacy TubePyromaniacThe Chapel
088Ult Ajax CodeSecret Garden TubeCrystallization CatalystAjax StabilizerPython PolymerAgna DesertVermilion Waste Outpost
089Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Lepic CodeJayber SpiralAfterglow Sword FiberDivine Punishment BlueprintAgna DesertVermilion Waste Outpost
090Esiemo CodeYujin Enhanced CellsCrystallization CatalystExecutor TubeKing’s Guard Lance PolymerAgna DesertStorage Outpost
091Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Viessa StabilizerJayber Enhanced CellsPerforator TubePiercing Light FiberAgna DesertStorage Outpost
092Ult Gley StabilizerJayber CodeCrystallization CatalystBlue Beetle PolymerClairvoyance TubeAgna DesertMiragestone Outpost
093Energy Activator BlueprintEnzo CodeGley CodeSmithereens TubeWave of Light FiberAgna DesertMiragestone Outpost
094Ult Ajax SpiralAfterglow Sword BlueprintCrystallization CatalystLepic SpiralBlue Beetle FiberSwamp WalkerThe Asylum
095Energy Activator BlueprintYujin StabilizerViessa CodeClairvoyance PolymerDivine Punishment TubeSwamp WalkerThe Asylum
096Ult Gley SpiralAjax CodeCrystallization CatalystPython FiberFinal Masterpiece TubeSwamp WalkerCaligo Ossuary
097Energy Activator BlueprintEnduring Legacy BlueprintEnzo Enhanced CellsKing’s Guard Lance BlueprintViessa Enhanced CellsSwamp WalkerCaligo Ossuary
098Ult Ajax SpiralLepic CodeCrystallization CatalystWave of Light TubeKing’s Guard Lance TubeWhite-Night GulchMountaintops Outpost
099Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Bunny StabilizerClairvoyance BlueprintSecret Garden FiberGley SpiralWhite-Night GulchMountaintops Outpost
100Yujin CodeJayber CodeCrystallization CatalystAfterglow Sword PolymerExecutor FiberWhite-Night GulchShipment Outpost
101Energy Activator BlueprintEnduring Legacy BlueprintKyle CodeJayber StabilizerPerforator PolymerWhite-Night GulchShipment Outpost
102Ult Gley SpiralViessa StabilizerCrystallization CatalystPython TubePiercing Light BlueprintWhite-Night GulchHatchery
103Energy Activator BlueprintEsiemo StabilizerAjax CodeBlue Beetle TubeDivine Punishment FiberWhite-Night GulchHatchery
104Ult Gley StabilizerEnduring Legacy PolymerCrystallization CatalystExecutor PolymerEsiemo Enhanced CellsObstructerThe Haven
105Energy Activator BlueprintKyle SpiralUlt Lepic StabilizerGreg’s Reversed Fate PolymerPython FiberObstructerThe Haven
106Ult Bunny CodeLepic CodeCrystallization CatalystPiercing Light TubeClairvoyance FiberObstructerOld Mystery
107Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Viessa StabilizerAfterglow Sword BlueprintAjax StabilizerAlbion Cavalry Gun TubeObstructerOld Mystery
108Ult Viessa SpiralSecret Garden TubeCrystallization CatalystLepic Enhanced CellsNazeistra’s Devotion BlueprintHagiosDune Base Outpost
109Energy Activator BlueprintKyle CodeEsiemo SpiralPiercing Light PolymerKing’s Guard Lance FiberHagiosDune Base Outpost
110Esiemo CodeEnzo SpiralCrystallization CatalystClairvoyance TubeRestored Relic FiberHagiosCorrupted Zone Outpost
111Energy Activator BlueprintYujin StabilizerAfterglow Sword TubeJayber StabilizerEnduring Legacy TubeHagiosCorrupted Zone Outpost
112Ult Ajax StabilizerValby SpiralCrystallization CatalystFinal Masterpiece BlueprintSecret Garden PolymerHagiosForward Base Outpost
113Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Bunny Enhanced CellsClairvoyance BlueprintPerforator TubeAjax StabilizerHagiosForward Base Outpost
114Ult Viessa Enhanced CellsYujin Enhanced CellsCrystallization CatalystSecret Garden BlueprintGreg’s Reversed Fate TubeFrost WalkerMystery’s End
115Energy Activator BlueprintViessa StabilizerEnduring Legacy PolymerGley StabilizerWave of Light BlueprintFrost WalkerMystery’s End
116Ult Ajax StabilizerJayber SpiralCrystallization CatalystDivine Punishment BlueprintClairvoyance PolymerFrost WalkerBio-Lab
117Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Bunny StabilizerViessa SpiralFinal Masterpiece PolymerKing’s Guard Lance BlueprintFrost WalkerBio-Lab
118Ult Viessa StabilizerValby Enhanced CellsCrystallization CatalystPiercing Light PolymerNazeistra’s Devotion FiberFortressNo Information Available
119Energy Activator BlueprintEnduring Legacy BlueprintJayber Enhanced CellsBlue Beetle TubeAjax Enhanced CellsFortressFrozen Valley Outpost
120Yujin CodeWave of Light FiberCrystallization CatalystGley Enhanced CellsSecret Garden FiberFortressConverter Facility Outpost
121Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Ajax Enhanced CellsEsiemo Enhanced CellsClairvoyance FiberExecutor BlueprintFortressConverter Facility Outpost
122Ult Gley Enhanced CellsPerforator BlueprintCrystallization CatalystAfterglow Sword PolymerLepic StabilizerFortressDefense Line Outpost
123Energy Activator BlueprintKyle SpiralUlt Bunny SpiralPython BlueprintDivine Punishment FiberFortressDefense Line Outpost
124Ult Ajax SpiralGley CodeCrystallization CatalystRestored Relic PolymerPerforator FiberMolten FortressQuarantine Zone
125Energy Activator BlueprintUlt Viessa CodeYujin SpiralPiercing Light FiberWave of Light PolymerMolten FortressQuarantine Zone
126Ult Gley CodeAjax SpiralCrystallization CatalystDivine Punishment PolymerEnduring Legacy FiberMolten FortressHeart Of The Fortress
127Energy Activator BlueprintEsiemo SpiralAfterglow Sword TubeKyle StabilizerBlue Beetle BlueprintMolten FortressHeart Of The Fortress

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