The First Descendant – Devourer Boss Fight Tips

How to Defeat Devourer Boss

Useful Tips for The Boss:

  • Jump if boss spawn big green balls. You can double jump it without taking any damage
  • During heal phase never stand with other peoples. Even with 2 players you should be aware and never run in the same direction.
  • Try to predict location where boss will spawn destructible orbs and jump on it ASAP.
  • Never stand too close to boss. Boss melee attack is very hard to dodge.
  • Use your hook to break yellow parts and stagger boss
  • Breaking yellow parts can be chained and will improve your DPS drastically
  • Use fast respawn if you died in bad spot
  • Prefer to use mod for bonus damage from electricity on your weapons

Side Notes:

  • It is always possible to add DEF increase modules and toxic resistance modules. It will greatly increase survivability
  • As Bunny descendant try to kill small minions by your AOE damage
  • Probably, this boss should be 37 – 40 level. Feel free to leave game if you see low levels.
  • Level can be farmed SUPER FAST in wave missions. Literally you’ll need ~20 – 40 minutes to get 40 level.

This is not that hard boss. My personal record with randoms was ~4 minutes for whole boss fight. But yes, this boss will expect from you good knowledge of mechanics and some basic understanding of your modules.

And yep, it is totally fine to fail 2 – 3 attempts to kill it. People will learn eventually. Don’t nerf it, try to understand how you can improve your build and help new players.

At least this is something interesting in world of brainless mobs with zero challenge.


  1. Struggled with it with randos for 3-4 runs, got on later and me and a friend did it with 2 randos first try. long as your weapon mods are built well and at least 2 of the pylons die quick its not too bad, each pylon broken lowers the regen speed.

    biggest thing honestly is splitting up 1 person per pylong (if everyone does decent damage) and being with people who dont die to the ground aoes during the pylon phase. anybody dying basically has to be left to die or the whole fight is a bust.

  2. You were super lucky
    Some players are corrupted with ideology “you do not need win – just try is enough”. So they are act as insane morons, absolutely clueless, non properly geared and not even max level. And most of time I see PS icon – I understand that this will be fail.
    This fight is for better geared players. I mean that – way better to trivilialise it
    Or for really good and prepared teams.

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