The First Descendant – White-Night Gulch Out of Bounds Guide

White-Night Gulch Out of Bounds

So I recently learned a spot to get out of bounds on the White-night Gulch spawn for the Hatchery.

Step 1:

So when you first spawn in, you’re gonna want to look to the right, about a 90 degree turn.

Now pay attention to this rock face, it’s going to be important.

Step 2:

Walk over to the rock face, hop ontop of the rock and the thing you’re going to be looking for is a very specific spot on the rock face (Highlighted in the second image by the red circle and arrows.

Step 3:

Now you can either take the more cautious route or take the more direct one for this step.

Cautious way: Grapple around on the rock face for a stable spot to stand on and wait for your grapples to recharge. After finding a stable standing position, look towards the previously highlighted rock, you should see something like this, then double grapple towards it.

Direct Way: Send It

Step 4:

There you go! Once you grapple over to the white light of heaven, then you’ve gotten out of bounds! I’m not sure if there are any benefits for going out of bounds but I think it can still be fun if you want to just mess around.

I hope you found this helpful!

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